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Posted on Dec 25, 2015

Read This If You Just Got An iPhone For Christmas

Get ready to 3D Touch everything.

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So you finally got an ~iPhone~ over the holidays? Now you can destroy that old piece of crap you used to have.

Before you start messing around with your new 6S or 6S Plus, here are some things you should know.

1. Set up your Medical ID in case of an emergency. Anyone will be able to access info like your blood type via the lockscreen.

Javi Moreno / BuzzFeed

Enter your details through the Health app > click on the Medical ID tab. You can find a step-by-step here.

2. Decide who should be allowed to call and text you at night.

Nicole / BuzzFeed

Are you a light sleeper? Meet your salvation. In Settings > Do Not Disturb, you can set a scheduled time to silence all notifications, including calls and texts.

Take a close look at Allow Calls From, which will allow incoming calls from only "Favorites" or a contact group. You can also enable repeated calls within three minutes to go through in case of an emergency.

3. Make a shortcut for something you type a lot like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or ಠ_ಠ (or literally any other word).

Nicole / BuzzFeed

Create a shortcut by going to Settings > General > Keyboards > Shortcuts. Tap the + sign, and by “Phrase,” paste your preferred kaomoji. In “Shortcut,” type whatever you want.

So, for example: Whenever I type “iono,” the shrug kaomoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ automagically appears in the autocorrect bar.

You can find LOTS of iPhone tips here and here and here.

4. If you don't have unlimited data, you might want to turn off the Wi-Fi assist feature.

Nicole / BuzzFeed

While helpful, it may sneakily increase your cell phone bill, so be sure to check your usage often if you’re not #blessed with an unlimited data plan.

5. Learn how to wrap your Apple earbuds so they don't get tangled.

Nicole / BuzzFeed

Like magic!

Nicole / BuzzFeed

Step-by-step directions here.

6. You can use 3D Touch to easily call someone from the messages tab.


From the list of conversations, press down on the contact icon for a ton of options: FaceTime, Mail, Add to existing contact, and more.

7. There's now a front-facing flash for better selfies!

Nicole / BuzzFeed


Nicole / BuzzFeed


Nicole / BuzzFeed


8. Take advantage of Low Power Mode.

Nicole / BuzzFeed

It will help your device go the extra mile when you're out of juice. It disables looking for new email, “Hey Siri” voice activation without a connection (for iPhone 6S phones), automatically downloading app updates, and some visual effects, like the 3D-esque parallax effect on the homescreen.

9. You can also put your phone face down to save battery life. It prevents the screen from lighting up when you get a notification.

Nicole / BuzzFeed

10. There's finally a back button!

Nicole / BuzzFeed

After clicking on a link or a notification, a “Back to [previous app]” button will appear in the top left corner.You don’t need to change any Settings to enable this feature — you just have to look for it.

11. You can now hide photos you don't want people to see.

Jessica / BuzzFeed
Jessica / BuzzFeed

Avoid the *swipe sweats* by hiding unflattering or other private photos. Just tap the share arrow on any photo and then tap hide.

12. If you have to get up in the AM, don't auto-update your phone overnight.

Twitter: @perlausten

The new iOS 9 feature will turn all your alarms off when the phone resets.

13. You can ask Siri to remind you about something at a certain time or when you get to a certain location.

So if you're n the middle of an article and have to stop, she can remind you again when you get home.

Bonus: In iOS 9, you can also say “Find photos that I took in [location]” or “Find photos that I took on [date].”



The most use-able 3D touch feature—the Quick Actions that open from 3D touch-enabled apps when you press them on the home screen—is basically a shortcut for things you do most frequently in each app. Here are the ones that are the most handy:

Facebook: Quick Actions to write a post, upload a photo or video, or take a photo.

Twitter: Quick Actions to compose a new tweet, new message or search.

Citymapper: Quick Actions to find the quickest route home, get directions to another location, find nearby stops and share your location on WhatsApp.

Instagram: Quick Actions to post a picture, view your feed or send a DM.

Kitchen Stories: Quick Actions to see the recipe of the day, your last viewed recipe, jump to your shopping list or create a recipe.

BuzzFeed: Quick Actions see what's trending, or go directly to video, quiz or life content.

Target: Quick Actions to scan products within a Target Store to get price and see reviews, check out their weekly ad, or conduct a general search.

Starbucks: Quick Actions to find a store, place and order, reload card or pull up your card to pay.

Ticketmaster: Quick Actions to search for events, go direct to your tickets, events nearby or your favorite bands/artists, etc.

TripAdvisor: Quick Actions to go to nearby hotels, nearby restaurants, nearby things to do or conduct a general search of the app.

Shazam: Quick Actions to Shazam a song and turn on Auto Shazam.

Nicole / BuzzFeed

15. Tayasui Memopad

This dynamic drawing app uses the 3D Touch to control the thickness of lines and strokes.

Get it here ($1.99 for premium version).

16. Badland 2

This sequel game makes great use of 3D Touch, allowing you to move through various levels at different speeds depending on the position and pressure of your fingers.

Get it here ($4.99).

17. iMaschine 2

This instrument app utilizes 3D Touch to change the speed of certain beats and other extra features.

Get it here ($9.99).

18. News 360

News 360
News360 / BuzzFeed

This news app has a "Summary" feature that pops up when you touch a headline.

Get it here (Free).

19. Endless Reader

This game for kids uses 3D Touch to make reading more engaging and interactive.

Get it here.

20. Bandit's Shark Showdown!/id1052531874?mt=8

What seems like just a marine-themed game is actually a project developed by neuroscientists at Johns Hopkins to see if pressure-sensitive games can help stroke patients regain dexterity in their hands.

Get it here.

21. Apple Mail


The Peek-and-Pop feature of 3D Touch, which allows you to get a preview of a link or page without actually going to the site by pressing firmly, is extra useful in the Mail app, where you can get a preview of a message without waiting for the whole thing to load.

In Safari, Messages, or Mail, press down on any link to preview it. In Safari, you can also press down then swipe up to copy the URL or add it to your reading list.

For even more tips, watch this:

View this video on YouTube

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