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19 Internet Hacks Every Student Should Know

Study smarter, not harder.

1. Don't buy textbooks from your college bookstore. Compare prices online and save a ton of money.

2. 🔥 Get Chipotle delivered to your dorm, save time, study more. 🔥

3. Use a proven studying algorithm called spaced repetition to learn material for the long term.

4. With Amazon Student, get Prime for six months free and, after that, 50% off for the rest of the time you're a student.

5. Want to learn a concept in a jiffy? Google the subject matter + "filetype:ppt" to find free lecture slides online.

6. Forgot your textbook at home? Google the name of the textbook + "filetype:pdf" and you might find it online.

7. is a free online graphing calculator you can access from anywhere.

8. Listen to ambient noise or natural sounds for maximum productivity.

9. Get answers to un-Googleable problems at /r/HomeworkHelp.

10. Use the Pomodoro Technique to boost your productivity in a way that's *actually* sustainable.

11. can create a bibliography in less than a minute.

12. Use Google Scholar to find published papers and get alerts on new papers in your area of study.

13. For tips on how to ace your specific class, look up your instructor on

14. When you need to buckle down, block distracting websites and apps.

15. Or you can just get rid of your Facebook newsfeed with this Chrome extension.

16. Read Kindle books online at When you're writing a paper, you can search for keywords in the book and easily find quotes to support the argument you're trying to make.

17. Get reward coupons for not using your phone in class.

18. Read for free when you sign up with your .edu email address.

19. Read Cal Newport's Study Hacks Blog. It's full of great tips that ultimately help students succeed without stress.

And, when in doubt, just use gummy bears. 😎