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23 Bullet Journal Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

SO MUCH handwriting envy.

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Here are some tips and tricks to upgrade your journal (and your life).

If you want a skills refresh, check out our guide to starting a bullet journaling!

1. Set aside a "weekly log" for tasks that you haven't assigned to a particular day yet.

Instagram: @tinyrayofsunshine

Instagram user tinyrayofsunshine uses her weekly log as a "brain dump" of sorts. She's able to view her month with a mini-cal in the right margin, along with a list of appointments. This will help her migrate tasks to specific days when she has time.


2. Try breaking up your days into time periods: morning, afternoon, evening. This will make actually completing the task much more manageable.

Instagram: @thevintagewren

3. Use washi tape to separate your events, your goals, and your daily tasks.

Instagram: @jess_studies

You can find fun patterns at Happy Tape and Cute Tape.


5. Set up a grid with dates on the x-axis and habits on the y-axis.

Instagram: @clairekhoo

For daily habits, strive to fill squares every day. For recurring habits (like if your goal is to run twice a week, for example), outline the square when you intend to accomplish your task and fill it in later.

6. If you want to focus on tracking just one goal, you can set up a page for the whole year.

Instagram: @modernmissjournaling

Cross out the day when you complete your habit. Try to keep your streak going for as long as possible!

7. Here's a good way to track a recurring, non-daily goal.

Instagram: @tinyrayofsunshine

8. Keep track of things you're saving for with a financial spread.

Instagram: @honeyrozes

Instagram user honeyrozes wrote down the dates of every Sunday at the top and planned her financial goals accordingly. She sets aside money at different times of the year, so she's not saving for a ton of things at once.


9. Turn your reading and movie wishlists into actionable to-dos.

Instagram: @kat_zm_

11. These beautiful Sakura of America pens will add some color to your daily entries ($17 for 6).

Instagram: @the_rewm

20. But if you need something more structured (and lined) opt for Moleskine's folio professional notebook ($23).

I use this notebook and LOVE IT. The pages are already numbered, and it includes an index/table of contents, plus some pages for long-term project planning. Each page is divvied up into three sections, which you can interpret however you like.

I use the top section for my agenda (meetings, events, etc.), the main section for my day's to-dos, and the skinny section in the margins for personal tasks.

21. A colored, flip out index will make it easy to thumb through your pages and find the entry you're looking for.

Instagram: @boho

Line your page up with the index, and fill a square of the appropriate color on on the same line.


22. You can also create a flip-out index for your key.

Instagram: @modernmissjournaling

This is especially nifty if you're working with a lot of different symbols.