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15 Impossibly Cool Products Every Parent Needs To Own

Gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, just for kids.

1. Nabi headphones ($62) have high-quality speakers with limited volume, and are designed with kids in mind.


Enjoy silence while your kids are playing games or watching videos and know that they're not destroying their ears. There are two modes available: Nabi mode, which will only emit sound at 80 decibels or lower, and parent mode, which offers unrestricted listening. A white light on the ear cups will indicate whether or not the headphones are in Nabi mode.

2. The Beebo ($30) lets you bottle feed hands-free.


Sling this accessory over your shoulder, insert your baby's bottle, and ...that's it. Read and feed.

3. KoalaSafe ($99) lets you block certain sites, schedule Internet time, and enable safe results for search engines.


It's a family-oriented device that plugs into your existing router and works with an app to help you manage your kids' Internet usage. KoalaSafe's main purpose is app and site blocking, whether it's Minecraft, YouTube, or Kik, for certain devices. Adult devices can browse the internet, unrestricted.

Note that it will only work for Wi-Fi-only devices, and not phones with data-enabled SIM cards.

4. The Mifold ($100 for 2) is a super compact car seat booster.


This compact booster seat, designed for ages 4 to 12 years old, keeps seatbelts off of faces, necks, and stomachs, while securing the belt on the hips. It's small enough to fit in a backpack (that way, your little one can carry their own booster seat while visiting grandma or in rental cars while traveling). The successfully funded Indiegogo campaign just shipped their first batch to backers and new orders are estimated to ship Summer 2016.

5. Filip ($150 + $10/month) is a smartwatch that allows your child to call up to 5 numbers, receive texts, and be located via GPS.


This watch has its own data plan through AT&T, which allows it to call or receive emergency contacts and send its location data to the Filip app on your smartphone through GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi. You can set up "SafeZones," which are areas like home or school. You'll be sent a notification if your child has left the designated location.

6. The Amazon Fire Kids-edition tablet ($120) comes with a 2-year guarantee and a durable case.

For the first 2 years, Amazon will replace the 7-inch tablet for free if it breaks, no questions asked. It comes pre-loaded with "FreeTime," a software that blocks access to in-app purchases, email, and social media, and allows access to only age-appropriate YouTube videos and websites via the web browser. Parents can also set screen time limits for certain content (like for games, but not for reading).

It's not a fast tablet, so you do need to leave a lot of memory available for the sake of performance. I'd recommend getting the 16GB version and adding additional storage via a microSD card.

Just beware: FreeTime can be a bit troublesome for some parents. If the apps aren't fully downloaded when you enter a Wi-Fi-free zone (like the car), your kids might be frustrated when they tap on those apps and get a big gray screen.

7. If you prefer iPads, this foamy case ($18) is soft enough for kids to hold, and bouncy enough to absorb the shock from big drops.

There's a foldable kickstand that offers tabletop viewing, too!

8. With the Nest Cam ($200 for 1 or $497 for 3), you can watch over your nursery in high definition.

The "smart" security camera will send alerts when motion or sound is detected to your phone. The camera offers a 130º wide-angle view and night vision capability.With just Nest Cam, you can monitor a live feed from the camera over Wi-Fi and talk and listen to the space's sounds from the app. You can also add Nest Aware, which saves the feed from the past 10 days ($100/year) or month ($300/year) to the cloud, so you can review video when there's activity.

9. The Willa Walker ($29) assists your child while they're learning to walk, without giving you back pain.

Willa Walker

This product has adjustable straps and a wide handle, so your kiddo can feel independent and free – without giving you a permanent hunch. You can pre-order the product now, and it ships June 2016.

10. The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer ($50) syncs with your phone so you can see how your child's fever is changing over time.

The Kinsa app, available for iPhone and Android, connects with the digital thermometer to log temperature changes over time. You can also record when they've taken medications, add photos, and other information with a time stamped attached to it.

11. Owlet ($250) is a smart sock with a heart rate and oxygen monitor built-in.


It's designed to let you know if your baby has stopped breathing, and will send an alert to your phone if that's the case. The wireless sock, designed for infants up to 18 months, is worn on one foot and connects to a base station that communicates with your phone over Wi-Fi.

The device currently works with iOS (an Android version is launching June 6).

12. Hatch Baby ($250) is a smart changing pad that tracks weight, feedings, and diaper changings.

Hatch Baby

I know what you're thinking – $250 is a hell of a lot of money for a changing table that doesn't change diapers for you. But, if you have the cash to spare, it's a cool way to weigh and track your baby's growth through the table and app. If you're at work, you can get notifications on feedings, weigh-ins, or whether or not they're sleeping through the Hatch app.

13. The 4moms self-installing car seat ($500) will automatically adjust its position based on your vehicle's make and model.

Proper car seat installation is super important and there are instructions on how to ensure that it's secure. Busy parents might want to opt for this self-installing version which will automatically adjust levels and tensions based on that particular seat. It's available for pre-order now, and ships September 2016.

14. The Quinny Longboardstroller (600 euros) is built for caretakers who'd rather longboard than ride.

Quinny Longboardstroller

Unfortunately, this longboard kid-toting hybrid is only available in the European Union, but the rest of us can dream. The stroller can accommodate children up to 33 pounds, and there's a hand brake on the handle for emergency stops.

15. And, finally, this beer baby bottle ($12), if only for the laughs.

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