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    23 Totally Addictive iPhone Games To Play When You're Bored

    Bonus: They're less dangerous than Pokémon Go.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    If you're addicted to Pokémon Go, try...

    1. There is literally nothing that can compare to the mania that is Go — but Pokémon Shuffle (free, iOS and Android) *will* help you get your Pikachu fix.

    Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

    You'll battle wild Pokémon by lining up three or more Pokémon to attack the opponent. After the battle, just tap to catch (none of that stressful flicking stuff!!!). It's a super casual Candy Crush–style puzzle adventure full of your favorites (Squirtle, Charizard, and more).

    2. Neo Monsters ($1, iOS and Android) is a surprisingly fun take on monster collecting and battling.

    ZigZa Game

    This is for old-school, Game Boy–style Pokémon fans. Run around patches of grass, stumble upon wild monsters, and watch them evolve as you train them! It's a delightfully addictive imitation monster RPG.

    If you love Neko Atsume, try...

    3. In Alpaca World HD+ (free, iOS and Android), you're in charge of capturing alpacas for your farm — and dressing them in different outfits.

    Ammonite Studio

    You DRESS THEM, you guys.

    4. KleptoCats (free, iOS and Android) is full of (actual) cat burglars who retrieve all kinds of treasures for your room.


    In the weirdly adorable game, keep tabs of all the stuff your cats have stolen and treat them with a pet or a scrumptious snack.

    5. Hamster Collection (free, iOS) lets you virtually pet and take care of your little critters.,

    This game is absurdly cute. Set out treats and toys to watch your new hamsters interact with them.

    If you can't stop laughing when you play Heads Up, try...

    6. Like Heads Up, Game of Phones ($20, all platforms) is best for IRL play.

    This card game has everyone bring their phone to the table for a digital scavenger hunt. Each player takes turn judging things like “best selfie” and “best emoji masterpiece,” Apples to Apples style.

    7. If fun, useless facts are your thing, try Trivia Crack (free, iOS and Android), a multiplayer game that’s best for remote friends.


    Challenge friends to six different categories, including entertainment and history — and chat/taunt them in-app.

    If you are somehow still slightly obsessed with Candy Crush, try...

    8. Crazy Kitchen (free, iOS and Android) is a blatant rip-off of Candy Crush – but that doesn't make it any less fun.


    This game has you swiping matching cupcakes and bananas to serve your customers. Crazy Kitchen features foods from around the world — and you can even add photos of your friends and pets as characters.

    9. Alphabear (free, iOS and Android) is the most adorable word puzzle game on this planet Earth.

    Spry Fox

    Spell words to discover cute bears in even cuter outfits. The more consecutive letters used to spell a word, the bigger and more powerful your bear is. For you Candy Crush folks, the newest chapter is DESSERT THEMED and includes a bear named Creme Bearlée.

    10. Twofold ($4, iOS and Android) is a beautifully designed puzzle game that challenges you to clear blocks in a certain set of moves.

    If you're a decent Candy Crush player, you're ready to graduate to Twofold. But I'm not going to lie...this game takes a little getting used to. It has a long tutorial and the gameplay itself is pretty complex, but it's an absolute joy to interact with. The music is fun, too.

    If you have an undercover FarmVille addiction, try...

    11. Fallout Shelter (free, iOS and Android) has you creating an entire underground community.


    As a construction manager, you're charged with making sure each and every "Dweller" is happy and healthy. Encourage them to, um, repopulate, arm them with protective outfits and weapons, and help them defend the vault from external threats.

    12. In Godus (free, iOS and Android), you get to play GOD.

    DeNA Corp.

    And who wouldn't want that?? Like the all-seeing, all-powerful being from above, you can physically shape your lands, inspire followers, and be worshipped by devotees. Use your powers to cast miracles (or destruction) throughout the land and guide your people through uncharted waters.

    13. Cafeteria Nipponica ($5, iOS and Android) has you crafting new dishes, training your staff, and running your own restaurant.


    If you're a foodie, you'll love this restaurant simulation where you're in charge of everything: finding the ingredients, discovering new recipes, designing the look of the location, etc.

    Editor's Note: For the PC, try Stardew Valley ($14 on Steam), a farming game with a lot of heart.

    If you could not put down Temple Run, try...

    14. Alto's Adventure ($4, iOS and Android) is a gorgeous snowboard-themed game that'll take you through alpine hills and woodlands.


    This game isn't hard to pick up at all. Simply tap to jump as you fly by mesmerizing graphics. Plug in your headphones, because the soundtrack will definitely put you in your happy place.

    15. Crossy Road (free, iOS and Android) is a simple Frogger-style game that's extra fun in multiplayer mode.

    Hipster Whale

    There are bunnies, cats, unicorns, and many other fun characters starring in Crossy Road. Figure out how to navigate the universe's freeways and railroads.

    16. Ridiculous Fishing ($3, iOS and Android) is a hilarious phone-tilting classic.


    Attach chainsaws and other random AF deadly items to your hook to catch as many fish as possible. But be careful to avoid the jellyfish!

    If you want something wildly different like Limbo, try...

    17. Never Alone ($5, iOS, Android, and $14, Mac) takes you (Nuna and Fox) across a frozen tundra.

    E-Line Media

    The story is just as awe-inspiring as the gameplay, which requires you to swim through underwater caverns, leap on floating ice islands, and master other obstacles unique to the extreme conditions of the Arctic.

    18. Broken Age ($5, iOS, and $10, Android) is a family-friendly adventure with breathtaking animations.

    Double Fine Productions

    The protagonists in this coming-of-age story are two teens, and, as a player, you're free to switch between their stories. One is chosen to be sacrificed to a monster and decides to escape, while the other is a space-bound kid being taken care of by what's essentially a computer and is desperately hoping for an adventure to come his way.

    19. Device 6 ($4, iOS) is a truly unique text-based thriller.

    Simogo AB

    Immerse yourself in this unforgettable mystery that's more interactive book than game.

    20. Daddy Long Legs (free, iOS and Android) is the hardest, most entertaining walking game you'll ever play.

    Set Snail

    Tap to control your legs as your walk across the screen — but it won't be easy and you'll face-plant a lot during your first (and second and third) run.

    If you don't know how to quit Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, try...

    21. Kendall and Kylie (free, iOS and Android) gives you a taste of the *Jenner* life.

    Glu Games

    Avoid paparazzi and fake friends, get ready for music festival season, and assemble your Krew in this hipper, younger version of Kim K’s classic game. Some say it's even BETTER than the original. 😱

    If you dare, try the developer's Katy Perry and Britney Spears games (spoiler alert: they're not as fun).

    22. And now, something a little darker: Her Story ($5, iOS, and $3, Android) is part Making a Murder, part Carmen Sandiego.

    OK, so it's not *exactly* the same genre as Kim K: Hollywood. But, in this game, you are pretending to be someone you're not — a detective attempting to solve a murder mystery by watching a series of live-action testimonies. It'll chill the living hell out of you.

    23. Lifeline ($2, iOS and Android) is an insane real-time “choose your own adventure” about a lost astronaut struggling to survive.

    Facebook: lifelinegame

    Instead of choosing which parties to go to, your job is to help Taylor, the last remaining astronaut of the starship Varia. You’ll get completely lost in this text-based world as the astronaut's only point of contact.

    Now go and be the best LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS.

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