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21 Game-Changing Bike Accessories You Need To Own

For life behind (handle)bars.

1. This pedal-powered charger ($130)

It's a generator that you can install easily on your bike wheel. Create clean energy that can power your phone or any other USB device with your legs.

2. This iPhone case with 22 bike tools built-in ($20)

Plus, a bottle opener because ya never know.

3. This tiny air pump ($25)

Give your tires a boost with the cutest, most compact pump around.

4. These reflective socks ($16)

Finally, socks that SHINE.

5. This handlebar bike mount ($16)

There's a cleverly-placed opening to unlock your phone and capture a photo or two.

6. This water bottle that looks like ketchup ($12)

7. This colorful bike lock ($65)

You won't be embarrassed wearing this lively iron lock 'round your shoulders.

8. This light that projects a bike lane onto the road ($40)

These lit-up lanes will keep a safe distance between you and fast-moving vehicles.

9. This neat place to store your bike and your books ($75)

Store all of your daily essentials, in one place.

10. This commuter jacket with turn signals ($135)

The jacket has 23 integrated LEDs that are motion activated. When you lift your right arm, the lights will signal that you're turning right. Pretty neat!

11. This protective silent alarm ($39)

After locking up your bike, activate this little gizmo (called The Cricket) and it'll alert your phone if it detects any movement. The Cricket has a range of about 150 feet.

12. This LED spoke light for your wheels ($26)

Produce mesmerizing patterns while you ride.

13. This navigation gadget tells you when to turn ($60)

The Schwinn Cyclenav connects to your smartphone via low-energy Bluetooth and uses audio and a simple light display to tell you when to turn left or right.

14. These decorative polka dot stickers ($4)


15. Or these reflective stickers ($8)

Just remember: safety is sexy.

16. This tool that can patch tire punctures in less than a minute ($35)

It'll easily fix holes up to 3mm.

17. This six-pack holder ($45)

It fits beer AND wine bottles.

18. This basket with extra secure straps ($99)

Nothing will EVER fall out of this low-profile cargo rack.

19. This clip-on cup holder ($33)

It's a clamp that comes with two cup sizes (just flip it over to hold an espresso cup).

20. This mountable speaker that's also a bike light ($80)

The Buckshot is an all-in-one waterproof and shock-resistant speaker + charger + flashlight!

21. This wheel that turns your bike into an electric hybrid ($949)

Splurge time: yes, this is crazy expensive. But the price is comparable to electric bikes currently on the market, which go for $1,300 and up. There's also an accompanying mobile app through which you can lock/unlock your wheel and track cycling stats like time, distance, elevation, and calories burned. Instead of a really expensive bike, think of it as a really, really inexpensive motorcycle!

Bonus extra: this bike-friendly takeout packaging from McDonald's.

McBike is only available in Argentina and Copenhagen, but a biker sure can dream.

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