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21 Game-Changing Bike Accessories You Need To Own

For life behind (handle)bars.

1. This pedal-powered charger ($130)

2. This iPhone case with 22 bike tools built-in ($20)

3. This tiny air pump ($25)

4. These reflective socks ($16)

5. This handlebar bike mount ($16)

6. This water bottle that looks like ketchup ($12)

7. This colorful bike lock ($65)

8. This light that projects a bike lane onto the road ($40)

9. This neat place to store your bike and your books ($75)

10. This commuter jacket with turn signals ($135)

11. This protective silent alarm ($39)

12. This LED spoke light for your wheels ($26)

13. This navigation gadget tells you when to turn ($60)

The Schwinn Cyclenav connects to your smartphone via low-energy Bluetooth and uses audio and a simple light display to tell you when to turn left or right.

14. These decorative polka dot stickers ($4)

15. Or these reflective stickers ($8)

16. This tool that can patch tire punctures in less than a minute ($35)

17. This six-pack holder ($45)

18. This basket with extra secure straps ($99)

19. This clip-on cup holder ($33)

20. This mountable speaker that's also a bike light ($80)

21. This wheel that turns your bike into an electric hybrid ($949)

Bonus extra: this bike-friendly takeout packaging from McDonald's.