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A Weird, Wonderful Way To Get Rid Of Flies

"Powerful. I think I understand hunting now."

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BuzzFeed SF had a fly problem, which we fixed with a weird, wonderful contraption.

It's called the Bug-a-Salt, an air-powered salt rifle.

A single blast of table salt, shot within a 3-feet range, is enough to smite most small airborne enemies.

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

The Bug-a-Salt annihilates pests like houseflies, mosquitos, and moths upon impact.

It's a ridiculously intense bug murder mechanism that's good for exactly three reasons:

1. Instead of squashing bugs, the rifle leaves them whole for easy cleanup.

2. It's non-toxic, unlike most bug sprays.


Here are some real, human testimonials.

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

"Powerful. I think I understand hunting now ... There's a certain kind of person that is looking for a thrill in their daily life, they'd appreciate the Bug-a-salt." — Brendan K.

"It's elevated in-home pest control to a sport. Also: no more nasty fly-swatter messes." — John P.

Important to note that salt does get all over the place.

"It's delight-ifying the bug murder experience." — Jessica M.

People really love this thing.
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