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    13 Apps That'll Make Your iPhone-Android Relationship So Much Better

    For GFs, BFs, and BFFs.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed / Jink

    1. Jink (Free, iOS and Android) is the best cross-platform Find My Friends alternative.

    Nicole / BuzzFeed

    Planning a meetup.


    Meeting up will turn on location sharing.

    Jink is simple: share your location with a friend and when you've met up, the app will automatically turn off location sharing. It's like Find My Friends but with temporary GPS tracking. In addition to requesting meetups, you can chat with peeps in the app ("This cab is so slow, ugh") and plan events, which is *awesome* for arranging date night with your boo.

    2. Tab (Free, iOS and Android) makes complicated bill splitting *super* easy.


    Take a photo of the receipt.


    Then, split the bill!

    First, you take a picture of the bill. Then, Tab analyzes the text and adds each item, in digital form, to the app. Anyone with Tab can join the bill and each person can tap their item. If multiple people split a communal dish, like fries, Tab can take that into account too.

    3. Cord (Free, iOS and Android) is like instant messaging – but just with your voice.


    Cord's a good alternative for people who hate typing. It's like a modern-day walkie-talkie. Just tap on your main squeeze's lil face and then start yapping away. They'll get a notification, then tap on your face to listen to your message and reply.

    4. Companion (Free, iOS and Android) will give your bf/gf peace of mind when you walk home alone.


    If you've ever felt sketched out by walking home alone, this app might make you and your mefo/fefo feel much better. Before venturing out on your own, enter in your destination in Companion, add anyone (it works even for people without the app installed), and they'll see you en route every step of the way.

    If you start running or drop your phone, Companion will prompt you with an "ARE YOU OK?" screen. If you don't respond within 15 seconds, the app will alert your companions.

    5. Drunk Mode (Free, iOS and Android) is a fantastic safety app for when you *both* go out.

    Find My Drunk

    If you get a little too turnt at the club, use this app's Find My Drunk feature to track all of your tipsy friends via GPS. Once you've located them, you can find a ride home or get walking directions through the app. You can also look at "Breadcrumbs" which shows you where you meandered off to last night.

    6. Qik (Free, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) is like a private Snapchat.


    Imagine Qik as a minimalist, more private version of Snapchat. With Qik, you can record a video up to 40 seconds long. I like to use the app as a quick, low-bandwidth way to send people videos. After two weeks, the videos are automatically deleted, so you don't have to worry about those vids taking up your storage. If you want to keep more, um, intimate exchanges separate from Snapchat, Qik is a good option.

    7. Vidku (Free, iOS and Android) is like Snapchat, but the videos don't disappear.


    It's a fast, simple video sharing app like Snapchat and Qik, but they stay in the app for as long as you want them to. You and yours can create mini-movies from parties and trips. Videos can be up to 17 seconds long and you can pause during recording to stitch together multiple clips.

    8. Facebook Moments (Free, iOS and Android) is a really fast way to swap photos.

    Nicole / BuzzFeed

    Moments is little freaky. The app uses Facebook's facial recognition technology to identify who is in the photos from your Camera Roll and then prompts you to share it with them.

    This technology makes it really easy to give photos to your boo, and request photos back. Moments automatically sorts photos by date and, if available, location. So when you sync photos to your boo, it'll create a "Moment" with a button prompting them to add their pics from that same event. Now you have each other's pics! The only downside is: Moments compresses the images, so use a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Photos to save original versions of the most important photos.

    9. Google Photos (Free, iOS and Android) is the ultimate photo storage and organization tool in the ~cloud~.


    Google Photos, truly the best photo organization app there is, recently introduced the ability to share and collaborate on photo albums. The app can store an unlimited amount of photos at 16 megapixels (they're slightly compressed, but not as much as Facebook Moments) and videos at 1080p. Otherwise, you can store original photos up to 15GB.

    It automatically backs up the photos you take, which is cool, but the killer feature is search (duh, it's Google). You could type in bae's name and see every photo of bae, ever, in your library. You can even type something as vague as "dog" or "sushi" and Google Photos will summon the photo you're looking for (and then some).

    10. Wunderlist (Free, iOS and Android) will help cohabiting couples get stuff done.


    Chores suck. Luckily, they suck infinitely less when your boo thang is there to help you out. Wunderlist lets you make lists, and *assign* things on that list. If you're getting groceries, you can mark who's in charge of what, then divide and conquer. The app also sends real-time notifications when something's been added, so if you're out running an errand, your partner-in-choring can quickly amend something to your growing list of to-dos.

    11. Rabbit (Free) lets you Netflix together, even when you're apart.


    OK, so this one isn't technically a mobile app. But it does work across Chrome and Firefox and Android phones, allowing you to watch Netflix movies at the same time. There's a chat bar on the side for plot discussions, too.

    12. Quiz Up (Free, iOS and Android) pits you against each other in a real-time trivia duel.

    Nicole / BuzzFeed

    A lil' friendly competition between two kindred spirits never hurt anyone. When you hit midday boredom, challenge each other to real-time trivia in different topics and earn bragging rights.

    13. Avocado (Free, iOS and Android) is an all-in-one photo sharing, event planning, list making, and chat app.


    This app is so cute that it's kind of gross. But it's a good solution for twosomes who want all of their communication in one place. You can make grocery lists, make plans via Google Calendar integration, and share photos and videos, all through Avocado. It's built for collaboration between two. One of the cutest/grossest features is that you can send, er, "hugs" by holding your phone to your chest or "kisses" by tapping a photo.

    <3 And they lived happily ever after. <3

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