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With Amazon's New Device, You Can "Buy With 1-Click" IRL

SCARY: spend your $$ online without touching a single screen.

You can now buy Dash Buttons for $5 a piece on Amazon. There are 18 different brands to choose from, and the buttons are exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers.

You know Amazon's dangerously convenient "Buy now with 1-Click" button?

The company just announced the physical manifestation of that 1-click feature: the Dash Button.

Whenever you tap the Dash Button, various household items are automatically reordered through Amazon Prime and sent to your home.

So if you're out of say, diapers, you'd tap your Huggies Dash Button and expect a package to arrive within 48 hours.

Don't worry about button-happy babies ordering 112 units of paper towels. After the Dash Button is tapped the second time (or more) within a short period, you'll receive a smartphone notification and Amazon will require a confirmation to proceed.

You can select a preferred pack size through the Amazon Shopping app.

It's a wifi-enabled, USB drive-sized gadget with an adhesive back that can stick or hang just about anywhere in your house.

Right now, the Dash Button only works with 18 different brands.

Soon, a similar Amazon-powered technology called the "Dash Replacement Service" will be built into appliances like Whirlpool washing machines that will automatically reorder related items (like detergent) on your behalf.

Brita water pitchers will eventually reorder their own filters.

Pour over coffee machines like this one from Quirky will reorder its own artisanal coffee beans.

Brother printers will reorder their own ink cartridge.

These products will hit the market later this year, but you can sign up to get an Amazon Dash Button right now.

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