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    This Amazing Water Bottle Will Change Your Life

    :bows to water god: :starts hydrating profusely:

    Washing water bottles is my Everest.

    Many people have said to me, "Be a damn grown-up and get a bottle cleaner, you masochist!"

    I recently stumbled upon a very intriguing product called Alex Bottle through a friend's Instagram.

    The concept is simple: Alex Bottle unscrews in the middle, making it easy to handwash.

    Each opening is wide enough to fit a standard sponge.

    Because of the nature of its design, the bottle also has some random benefits.

    You can "hide"/store beer bottles in it.

    You can mix cocktails with giant whiskey sphere cubes in it.

    But it's not perfect.

    1. Alex Bottle is not insulated,* so it won't keep your drinks cold or protect your hands from a hot beverage. You could technically stack the bottom half of the bottle in the top half and use it as a double-layered cup, but you'd have to balance it on the cap, which seems a little precarious.

    2. It's also a little bulky compared to some other stainless steel styles (thinking Sigg or Contigo's Thermalock Matterhorn).

    3. The more I use the Alex Bottle, the less it seems to matter — but I still prefer water from glass bottles. It just tastes better?

    4. The cap is comically large (it's the size of a small tangerine). This is bad for bulk, but has some positives as well. Its size makes it a) harder to lose and b) easier to open and close.

    *If you're looking for a hot/cold option, my favorite bottles are the Bobble Insulate ($38), S'well, ($85) and Klean Kanteen's Wide Insulated Bottle ($22).

    For me, the pros of Alex Bottle ultimately outweigh the cons. Here's why I like it:

    It dries faster than my other bottles.

    Because of the silicone sleeve, it doesn't dent when dropped, like my Klean Kanteen. :(

    And another silicone sleeve plus: Because of the grippy bottom, it's easy to open the cap in a car cupholder with one hand (just push down and twist).

    The carrying strap makes it convenient to hike with or clip on to your backpack.

    It fits in my bike's bottle holder, and doesn't rattle.

    There are also bottles that glow in the freakin' dark!

    I talked to 22-year-old student (and Alex Bottle owner) Cammi Carter to make sure I wasn't completely nuts for loving this thing.

    If you're in the market for a new, fuss-free water vessel, you should definitely consider Alex Bottle.

    Buy one (or five) online for $33 each.

    Drink up, friends!