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Why Mashable Should Hire Me As Their New Emerging Platforms Intern

Done as a BuzzFeed listicle because traditional cover letters aren't very creative or forward-thinking...

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I <3 Mashable / Via

You're irreverent and fun, but you still give me the news I want to know. I love that I can come to your page and learn that Mike Pence once compared Obamacare to 9/11 but also that the Japanese have engineered an 'armpit cooler.' Your versatility is unrivalled and totally addicting.

You made me excited about the news again!


...and reignited my desire to be a journalist. Mashable helped me pass the time on my detour as a PR intern last summer, and realize once again that journalism was the only path for me.

I have experience with video production. / Via

I took a digital news class for which we had to produce multiple video stories. Consequently, I'm able to use iMovie and Final Cut Pro X and am confident that I could pick up any other video production skills you require, rapidly.

I'm good at social media. / Via

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. You name it - I've used it. And what I haven't used, I'm certain I could pick up in a snap. I even manned the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds in a professional setting when I was head editorial intern for The Guide Istanbul. Creating engaging, viral content was always my goal!

I am stoked about the future of digital. / Via

Journalism is moving into the digital age, and those who don't get with the program are bound to be left behind. It's the new age of storytelling. And I'm dying to get into the mix and figure out how best to tell stories across all these new platforms that are popping up each and every day!

I'm endlessly curious and full of new ideas.


I grew up abroad. I speak several different languages and spent much of my childhood travelling. And I find that the more of the world I see, the more curious I become about all that I have left to learn. This curiosity drives me to ask questions and explore and constantly generate new ideas - all things I believe would benefit your team!

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