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21 Of The Most Stunning Looks From The Fall 2015 Couture Shows

I believe you're looking for, "died and went to heaven."

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4. Christian Dior

Via style.com

It's a credit to Raf that he can come out each season and refresh the classic black blazer. Paired with these burgundy wide-legged pants, this look is a stunner.

6. Giambattista Valli

Via style.com

This collection was essentially "ballerina goes rogue." Think huge earrings, tutus, volume, beading, and embellishments all over the place. And what a glorious collection it all made.

15. Elie Saab

Gianni Pucci / Via style.com

Couture gowns are Elie Saab's bread and butter. While there's the sense that once you've seen one Saab collection, you've seen them all, certain gowns particularly stood out this season.

18. Zuhair Murad

Via style.com

If a wedding gown could be palatial, this particular number would be so...ten times over. And to think that before this I thought stars on a veil would be gimmicky...

21. Valentino

Via style.com

A Roman princess would cry at the perfection that is the draping and twisting of this floor-length velvet gown. (Side note: is velvet making a comeback this fall? I'd venture a yes...)

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