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Burglary Suspects Led Police In The Most Epic Police Chase Ever

Any pursuit in LA is guaranteed to entertain, but this one takes the cake!

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Suspects wanted in a Cerritos home burglary led police on a bizarre chase through Los Angeles on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

ABC Eyewitness News

They drove their convertible with the top down in the rain, because why not?

ABC Eyewitness News

At a certain point they started doing donuts (was this a not so subtle message directed at the LAPD?)

WATCH: Burglary suspect performs donuts on Hollywood Boulevard while being chased by authorities.

And a vigilante TMZ tour bus tried to block the suspects on the 101 freeway!

WATCH: TMZ tour bus attempts to block burglary suspects on 101 Fwy. Suspects throw sandwich at the bus. #Pursuit

It was pretty much something that would only happen in LA.

RAW VIDEO: Burglary suspects speed through the heart of Hollywood with LAPD in pursuit.

The police couldn't even stop them!

The absolute best part of the #pursuit. The ultimate spike strip fail! @KinseyFox10

The chase was so exciting, people on Twitter had a lot to say about it.

That guy used his turn signal more than half of the drivers in LA. #pursuit

Some talked about a movie deal.

Will the cops get there before the execs to sign a movie deal? #pursuit

And these people who were watching the pursuit on TV, got to witness it live.


The pursuit came to an end when the suspects parked their car and nonchalantly waited for the police to arrive.

ABC Eyewitness News

While waiting, they gave bystanders hugs, high fives...

ABC Eyewitness News

And even took selfies!


The police eventually arrived and it became a spectacle.

ABC Eyewitness News

This guy even brought his camcorder! #TBT

In the end, peace was restored, but this pursuit will forever live on as one of the most bizarre things that has ever happened in Los Angeles.

Never seen a police chase end with a big hangout and selfie-taking session but there it is #LA #pursuit

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