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15 Tweets That Will Make You Wish Maude Apatow Was Your BFF

"Maude Apatow is addicted to technology, even though she knows it's destroying her." This is her Twitter headline, what more can I say!! #TwitterQueen

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1. When she said what we are ALL thinking.

Seriously, North oozes power.

2. When she wasn't scared to admit this.

Sometimes I still get nervous when I see the seventh grade skater boys hanging out behind CVS...

*Schmidt voice* - "Youths!"

3. When she was inspirational!

Remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect

4. When Anderson Cooper unfollowed her.

I mean how amazing was it that he followed her in the first place! #godbless

5. When she feared what all of us with little sisters has feared.

I can tell that my sister is going to be a lot cooler than I was in 6th grade and it's kind of weird

6. When she couldn't contain herself because a TV show was that AWESOME!

Breaking Bad is so good I just ran around my house I don't know what to do with myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. When she called out her cousin for questionable Facebook likes.

I don't know if my cousin realizes that everyone can see that he keeps liking X rated links on Facebook

I think we all know at least one person on Facebook who does this...but do they know that we know?!?

8. When she managed to cheer herself up with this adorable picture.

Everything is falling apart. On a lighter note, I just discovered the existence of these super fluffy sheep!

9. When she admitted that she doesn't like to share food.

I think I am the person who, when someone asks for a bite of their sandwich, says no and makes everything feel tense

*wishing to be this brave*

10. When she tweeted about this unwritten rule.

Don't make eye contact and smile at the person walking out of the bathroom before you, because that's always awkward.

11. When she acknowledged an omen.

I am so nervous that @OfficialSAT is following me

12. When she made us wish that this guide really did exist.

Does a "how to recover from a depressing movie" guide exist?

13. When she was openly jealous of camp friendships.

The only reason I insult camp friendships is because I'm jealous of them

14. When she wasn't embarrassed to bring up her past.

15. When she got serious about being a fangirl.

Trying to understand the fangirl in me

Aren't we all, Maude? Aren't we all?

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