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13 Truths About Being Named Nicole

Nicole = Coolest Person Ever!

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1. Nicole derives from the greek root: nīkē laós (νίκη λαός) Nikólaos (Νικόλαος), meaning “victory of the people”.

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2. In 1983, 12,523 babies were blessed with the name Nicole.

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3. The number has decreased since then, but Nicole is still quite a popular name in the U.S.

4. Here are some ratings and impressions for the name Nicole (based on the responses of 655 people).

Rate the name for yourself!

5. Some famous and talented Nicole's include actress and film producer, Nicole Kidman.

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6. NASA astronaut and engineer, Nicole Stott.


7. Reality television personality Nicole Polizzi, aka "Snooki".

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8. Fashion designer, author, actress and television personality, Nicole Richie.

9. Singer, dancer, actress and television personality, Nicole Scherzinger.

10. And fashion designer, Nicole Miller.

11. Here are some awesome Nicole products, as featured here with Nicole by OPI.

12. Let's not forget about the beloved children's book.

13. And the ultimate truth is always this.

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