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12 Times We Shipped Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello So Hard In 2015

Although both Shawn and Camila have repeatedly denied being a couple, we can't help but love them together! Whether they're just friends or secretly dating, you can't deny that they give you THE FEELS!!!

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1. When Shawn called Camila out for being a terrible texter.


2. And let's not forget about this tweet exchange!

@ShawnMendes don't worry, you'll learn fast because you have an INCREDIBLE Spanish teacher whose name rhymes with Vamila Carmello

3. When Shawn scared Camila.

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4. When Shawn pranked a sleeping Camila.

Instagram: @camila_cabello

5. When they were tired but still posed for a pic.

Instagram: @camila_cabello

6. When they shared a teaser for the first song they co-wrote!

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7. When they released the official music video!!!

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8. When they performed IKWYDLS live for the first time!

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9. When they addressed their non-relationship.

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11. When they played "Who Knows Who Better.".

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12. When Shawn forgot the cords and Camila noticed.

Instagram: @shawnmendes
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