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10 Times Taron Egerton Blessed Us All In 2015

Try not to fall in love with him (if you can resist the urge).

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He starred in one of this years best action movies, Kingsman: The Secret Service

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And we haven't been able to stop thinking about him since *swoon*

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1. When you found out that not only can he act, but he can sing!

Finally getting a chance to sing! #SingMovie

2. That wink!

20th Century Fox / Via

3. Let's talk about that jawline.

Mr Porter / Via

4. When he was named one of GQ's Best-Dressed British Men in 2015.

Getty Images / Via

5. But Taron is more than just a beautiful man (posing with a pug).

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6. He watches the HBO show, Girls!

'Girls' is totally incredible and I love it from here until forever. @lenadunham @ZosiaRMamet @jemimakirke et al

7. He lip sings with great passion.

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8. Here's another one.

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9. His reaction to an all-female Ghostbusters was basically all of us.

“@JustJared: The all-female #Ghostbusters movie was just given a release date! ” ahmagad

10. And last, but not least, when he politely posed with Colin Firth for this picture.

Praying that 2016 brings us even more Taron Egerton!

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