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What America Thinks Is Currently Happening With Australia's Bushfire Crisis

"I personally believe that some people are unable to do so because uh, some people in our nations don't have maps" NBC taking notes from 2007's Miss South Carolina

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In a recent and bizarre interpretation of the NSW fires, NBC news has produced a map which strangely depicts fires that are ablaze all over Australia.

Which leads to say I'm sorry 'merica but I think you may be wrong.

For all those Australians who are currently being affected by the fires, Aussies all know that the fires are largely confined within NSW, not the whole of Australia.

To add to the inaccuracy of NBC's map, apparently a few fires have managed to break out within Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert. Must be the tumbleweed....

To be fair, NBC has taken the image from Sentil, a product from Geoscience Australia. The purpose of Sentil is to monitor national bush fires using satellite data to allow other users including emergency service managers to locate fire locations within Australia.

Yet NBC's must have mistaken every fire that appeared on the Sentil map as part of what areas are currently facing emergency. They are not.

New South Wales is currently still facing some terrible fire conditions. Thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been or currently being affected by the fires.

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