Moments You Missed On The First Episode Of Ja’mie: Private School Girl

That’s quiche

The first episode of Chris Lilley’s new show Ja’mie: Private School Girl aired on ABC on Tuesday night. If you missed it, the show follows the adventures of Ja’mie a narcisstic high school girl at Hillford Girls Grammar school. The upcoming episodes follow and documents her last months at high school in yr. 12.

For all those either familiar or unfamiliar with Ja’mie here is what you missed:

2. Meet Ja’mie

3. Like any other teenager girl, she has a good relationship with her parents

6. And always gets what she wants

8. Ja’mie is the school prefect

9. And as a prefect she leads by example

12. Ja’mie also has the hottest friends (but they aren’t as hot as her)

15. They are all measured by their quichness

17. Ja’mie is really popular

19. And only dates quiche guys

25. Being as hot as Ja’mie she knows exactly how to get them

26. Because lets face it, Ja’mie is Ja’miezing!

The show airs on ABC (Australia), Wednesdays at 9:05pm.

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