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10 Feelings You Had During This Semester

Does College have you stressed? Are you trying to be a perfect (well somewhat perfect) student and still survive as a normal human? Did you contemplate throwing in the towel? Here are all of the thoughts and feels throughout this semester. *drinks coffee* #csgetdegrees #jk

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1. Determined

You start out in the beginning of the semester like you are going to be the most perfectly organized student.

2. Punctual


You wake up early, fully prepared for the day. Come onnn, you have to get that front spot!

3. Confidant


You ace that first Quiz! Man, that was so easy, you barely studied!

4. Positive


You are killing it or at least you appear to be.

5. On top of the world


You are ahead/on time of every assignment. We'll just call you Jack Dawson!

6. Confused


Until a twist of fate, you are assigned your first project. Surrrrreeeeeee, it had a pretty clear rubric, well sort of.

7. Overwhelmed


If you have 3 projects, 2 homework assignments, a part-time job, and social life, how can you balance them all and be a normal human? x=mc2?!

8. Hopeless


How are you going to finish all of your assignments in time. After one more episodes of Game of Thrones of courseeeee!

9. Exhausted


You definitely pulled a few all-nighters, but you can't help that the internet is so distracting!

10. Proud


YOU SURVIVED THIS SEMESTERRRRR! .. You feel like you made this semester your bitch. Now go on and start all over next semester .

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