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    • nicolem57

      who cares what someone else does. Are the barbies in your cornfields bothering you? are the clown, at your house, on your couch? no so stop judging people. it is okay to believe in Christ. so wtf is wrong with thinking your an elf or faerie. its religion rights. so wtf does it matter to you what they do. are they casting spells on you or telling you that you have to beafairy? no these people are doing nothing to you.Idou bt most of you have seen any of these people. and even if you did, are they doing anything to you. Just because you sawajugglo in the car with his mom means nothing. How often are you taking you mom places. these walks of life are doing nothing to you. so why does it matter. If someone wants to drink cat poo, then so be it. Is it going to make you sick? If you do not want to beabarbie, dont be one. If you do not want to drink cat poo, awesome for you. But those who do are not bothering any of you. So why does it matter. People like to talk shit about others just because they do something. But until they do it to you, your just beingajudgmental moron. People need to learn to just leave people alone. IfIwant to put on my arm its not of your affairs. So why do you have to tell the world that they are freaks. Oh because you have nothing better to do. So until someone run up, and holds you down, and FORCES you to beaBagel head, get off your high horse and stop thinking you better. At least they are doing something with their lives, that make them happy. other than talking shite about others.

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