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A very quick update about things that are going on in the next little while before Reading Week.

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Your Mental Health is Important!

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This is a topic that is always important to talk about and necessary to revisit. On January 31st is Bell Let's Talk Day and Residence Life will be setting up Listening and Bell Let's Talk Outreach Stations in each area of residence (the closest one to us will be in LA). This will be a chance, if you would like, to talk to someone about whatever you would like to talk about. There will also be other events happening around campus to open up the dialogue about mental health! Remember that it is important to take care of yourself especially since midterms are sneaking up on us. If do you ever need to talk about anything, I am more than happy to listen as well!

What Else is Happening?

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o Res Floods the Rink Pump UP event: Come out to support our Women's Hockey team! The Pump-Up event is Thursday Feb 1 from 6:30pm-7:15pm in the Johnston Hall Tower Lounge. There will be face painting, headband making, and snacks right before walking over to the game!

o Mock Midterm Programs: There will be a mock midterm for Chem 1050 on Feb 7 at 7pm and the Econ 1100 mock midterm is on Feb 8 at 7pm. If you are in either of these classes, the mock midterms will help you get ready for those midterms. Information about registration and locations will be coming out soon!

Reading Week Must Knows

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Reading Week is still a few weeks off, but...

o If you are leaving for the break, MAKE SURE you close your windows. If it gets cold over the break we don't want the radiators to freeze and burst. That would be bad...

o Make sure to close and lock your door.

o You DO NOT need to hand in your keys if you are leaving.

o You are absolutely allowed to stay for Reading Week. It will be very quiet - a perfect study environment!

o RAs will be on-call during Reading Week, so you can reach them through the regular methods.

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