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What Every Belieber Is Thinking In 2015

2015 is the year of redemption for Biebus Christ. He's slowly gaining back the respect of the public. But, what are the Beliebers thinking (if you really want to know)?

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After the Bieber Roast


Justin is finally gaining the respect he deserves! We're converting everyone - one hater at a time! #WeWillNeverLeaveYouJustin #BeliebersAreAlwaysThereForJustin

But, who are these new bandwagon fans? I WAS HERE FIRST!!! HE IS MINE!!!!!

When Beliebers Realized That There Were More Bandwagon Fans Than Expected

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I would really like to know where these "fans" were in 2012. And 2013. And 2014. He needed you, and you weren't there. UGH!!!! I hate fake fans. YOU DO NOT LOVE JUSTIN AS MUCH AS I DO. I'VE BEEN HERE SINCE THE BEGINNING - WHEN HE WAS ON YOUTUBE!!!

When Skrillex and Diplo Featured Justin In A Song


WE'RE GETTING NEW MUSIC????? I FEEL THE SOUND WAVES BLESSING MY EARS!!! THAT ANGELIC VOICE!!!! Did you know Justin already has a song called Where Are You Now? It was never released, but you wouldn't know that because you haven't been there since the beginning like me. You do know that he is always in the studio, right?

When Bieber Tweeted This:

STOP MESSING WITH MY EMOTIONS!!!!!!!!! I LITERALLY CAN. NOT. We haven't had a tour in literal YEARS and everyone, like, forgot about Journals!

When There Was That Whole Big Sean/Ariana Grande/Justin Bieber Beef


Did you SEE the way he hugged Ariana from behind??? DID YOU SEE IT????? UGH!! It was so HOT. I wish. *That Should Be Me plays in the background*

But, Big Sean really has nothing to worry about. They're just friends GUYS! CALM DOWN!

When Justin's Tour Was Kinda Sorta Confirmed For The Summer


KSJDFNRDNTSRYLKEJRTHLKSTJHKLHJDLTRKHJ THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! Do you still think he's going to sing One Less Lonely Girl????? I WANT TO BE THE OLLG!!!! #NicoleForOLLG

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