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18 Facts That Are 100% True If You Sweat All The Freaking Time

Three words: Upper. Lip. Sweat.

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1. You absolutely HATE the summertime. Like, it's the dumbest season ever.

20th Century Fox

2. Humidity is your own personal hell.

Big Hit Entertainment

3. Sometimes you feel like taking a shower is a waste of time because the minute you step out, you're sweating again!

Comedy Central

4. You spend A LOT of time asking people if your back sweat is visible.

MarioLopezExtra / Via Twitter: @MarioLopezExtra

5. And you sweat from places you didn't even know you could sweat from. 😩

meggerymargaret / Via Twitter: @meggerymargaret

6. Simply walking up a flight of stairs makes you sweat as if you’ve just finished working out at the gym.


7. And even if it isn't summer, you STILL sweat!

sadeznal / Via Twitter: @sadeznai

8. Others find the amount of ventilation you need to be a tad bit extreme, but you don't care.

KevJumba / Via

9. Sometimes your sweaty little self can get into sticky situations...

communitychannel / Via

10. For example, getting off a chair is super embarrassing because of butt stains.

runningsquid / Via

11. People tend to tell you that you're perspiring, which is not something you want to hear because you already know it.


12. You're always super self-conscious of body odor. 👀

lilovski/YG / Via

13. And you've got to keep re-applying deodorant or else you'll suffer the consequences.

Nickelodeon / Via

14. Figuring out what to wear can be a freaking nightmare because there are so many colors you have to avoid! SOOO MANY!!!

Syddrop / Via Twitter: @Syddrop

15. You get your daily exercise by constantly wiping away all of that sweat.


16. You know that the concept of being dry and comfortable will NEVER EVER apply to you... 😭

deangaryrobson / Via Twitter: @deangaryrobson

17. So hugging others when you're a puddle of sweat is a HUGE hell to the NO, NO, NO. 🚫

18. And finally, you know that you're very much willing to sell your soul if that's what it takes for you not to sweat anymore.


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