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OMG I Just Found Out What EOS Stands For And I'm Shook

"Why has it taken me 11 years to find out EOS stands for..."

OK, so I'm sure you know the brand that makes this lip balm. If you don't, get outta here, ya pleb!

EOS/Amazon / Via

So, the other day as I was rubbing some EOS lotion onto my dry lil' hands, I noticed three words on the bottle.

Pledis Entertainment

And that's when I realized that EOS is actually an acronym!

Drew Scanlon / Via

It's not even a secret or anything. SEEEEEEE!!

Nicole Martinez/BuzzFeed

EOS stands for "evolution of smooth," as in it gives you soft lips/skin after use.

evolution of smooth

It’s on their freaking website!!! LOOK AT THE URL! 👀

evolution of smooth / Via

Aaaaand to prove that I'm NOT the only person shaken and stirred after this revolutionary discovery, check out these tweets:

Ahart17 / Via Twitter: @Ahart17
alruds / Via Twitter: @alruds
sparkypark2 / Via Twitter: @sparkypark2
  1. Be honest, did you know what EOS stood for?

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Be honest, did you know what EOS stood for?
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    YES! It's on the package, ya fool!
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    No, I am SHOOK!
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    I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.