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    Here’s 9 Reasons Why Taron Egerton Should Be The Man Of Your Dreams

    I called dibs years ago, so everyone can take a step back.

    🚨In case you didn't know, there's a new Kingsman movie coming out in September.🚨

    KingsmanMovie/20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @KingsmanMovie

    And I'm here today to informally, but also formally, introduce you to the star of the film, MY boyfriend, Taron Egerton.

    TaronEgerton/20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @TaronEgerton

    He's an actor, singer, heartbreaker, and most importantly, MY SOULMATE/PARTNER/BOO. 💕

    20th Century Fox

    I mean, it's not like you haven't seen him before...unless you've been stranded on an island with no internet access shouting at Mr. Wilson for four years. He was in Kingsman, Eddie the Eagle, SING, etc.

    singmovie/Illumination Entertainment / Via Twitter: @singmovie

    The reason why he's so near and dear to my heart is because he's a true blessing to this horrid world. Just take a look at him!

    20th Century Fox / Via

    1. Here's my Mr. Tough Guy looking ever-so-soft posing with our adopted baby pug, Bob. *cries*

    KingsmanMovie/20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @kingsmanmovie

    2. Here he is with his trainer/friend avoiding a calorie loaded snack because he knows he has to get lean and ripped for me and his new movie. But let's not kid ourselves, it's mainly for me.

    TaronEgerton / Via Twitter: @TaronEgerton

    3. And here he is shirtless because everyone needs to see what I get to see!!! I'll allow you to feast your grubby little eyes on my boyfriend just this once. 😒

    20th Century Fox

    4. Here's a video he sent me of him grooving to Sam Smith's musical masterpiece, "Stay With Me." I will of course stay with him FOREVER AND EVER, so don't get any wild thoughts, ya plebs!

    Cruisin' with Mam to some @samsmithworld.

    5. Here he is making me wish that he was holding ME instead of that wrap. Long distance is hard, ya'll. *sigh*

    Taron Egerton / Via Twitter: @TaronEgerton

    6. Oh, and here he is piercing me with his manly gaze. In the second picture, he's thinking of me, wondering what I'm up to while we're apart. 😌

    This month we caught up with @TaronEgerton in light of his @BAFTA nomination, read more in the Feb edition

    AberystwythNews / Via Twitter: @AberystwythNews

    7. Here's a cute pic that I snapped of him at Sundance. Like a good boyfriend, he's wearing the coat that I bought him during our trip to Aspen last winter.

    TaronEgerton / Via Twitter: @TaronEgerton

    8. Here he is doing some mixing behind the scenes because he's a man of maaaaany skills. MY man to be exact, and don't you forget about it.

    TaronEgerton / Via Twitter: @TaronEgerton

    9. OMG!!! Here he is all fierce and manly posing as Wolverine because he knows I like this type of stuff. *sweats*

    TaronEgerton/20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @TaronEgerton

    Guys, heaven is for real and I'm blessed to have such a handsome, talented, and charismatic boyfriend. 😇

    20th Century Fox

    So ladies and gents, please keep your distance, but also prepare yourself for another Kingsman, starring MY boo thang, Taron Egerton.

    20th Century Fox

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