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This Is The One Thing About "Camp Rock" That's Been Bothering Me For 9 Years

The name of the song is "This is Me" NOT "This is Us."

Can you believe that Camp Rock came out in 2008? Look at their youthful faces! Look at Kevin's scarf!!! Oh, how time flies!

I love the movie, despite the cheesy lines and whatever was going on with Joe's hair...

But there's one itttttttty bitty thing that has bothered me for the past NINE years!

It's not Joe's character's name, Shane Gray.

It's not that my boo, Nick, didn't get the same amount of screen time as Joe. 😒 #StillSalty

Aaaaaand it's also NOT about how Mitchie flung her arms wildly throughout her performance.

It's when Shane freaking Gray decided to toss himself into Mitchie's FIRST SOLO performance at the end of Final Jam and stole her spotlight!!!!

Even Nick was confused!!!

Don't get me wrong, I know that he was trying to find the girl who sang "the song" throughout the whole movie, but you're telling me that he couldn't have waited until after the performance to talk to her?

Also, how did he know the right time to jump in? Who turned on his mic??? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

The one thing that I know for sure is that "This Is Me" was NOT supposed to be a duet!! It's a song about ONE person. 👏 READ 👏 THE 👏 LYRICS.

I guess it wouldn't have been as bad if he had sung the second verse of her song, but NO, NO, NO, he took it upon himself to do a lil' self-promotion.

*UGH* Earth to Mitchie!! Now is NOT the time for romance. Shane stole your spotlight! Don't be a fool!!!

Guys, we need to be honest with ourselves. Shane Gray was a prima donna who couldn't let an amateur singer have her FIVE measly minutes of fame.

Like, I get that the movie was centered on a summer romance. But, more importantly, it was about Mitchie finding herself...and Shane obviously didn't give a rats patootie about her struggle.