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    13 Hipster Foods That'll Make You Say, "Nooooo,” Then 13 Classics That'll Make You Say, “YAASSS”

    Join me on this emotional rollercoaster.

    1. This rainbow grilled cheese is clear evidence that monsters truly do exist in this world.

    But this grilled cheese shows that good shall and will always prevail.

    2. This spaghetti donut will make you say, "WHAT IN TARNATION?!"

    But this classic spaghetti will FOREVER be delicious AND identifiable.

    3. This avolatte is a painful reminder that sometimes people take things TOO FAR.

    But this latte is here to undo the damage that last image caused to your beautiful eyes.

    4. Um, this charcoal burger is not what I was expecting.


    5. This asparagus water will NEVER EVER MAKE SENSE TO ME.

    But this regular ol' glass of H20 makes aaaaall the sense in the world.

    6. UGH! This mason jar filled with ramen is so extra.

    But this bowl of ramen is simple enough to soothe anyone's poor lil' soul. Especially mine. 😌

    7. This bagel injected with unnecessary color burns my wholesome and precious eyes.

    But this plain bagel is absolutely satisfying to look at.

    8. This so-called "burger" pizza was created simply just to irritate you.

    But this cheese pizza will immediately put you at ease.

    9. These s'more fries are an UNGODLY CREATION.

    But these fries are proof that heaven is for real. 😇

    10. This dessert taco is, like, trying reeeeeally hard.

    But this lil' taco doesn't have to.

    11. These spring rolls are a crime against humanity. DON'T FIGHT ME ON THIS!

    But these spring rolls are a blessing from up above. Feel free to @ me.

    12. These waffle pops are an unnecessary twist on a beloved classic.

    But these waffles are just right. 👌

    13. And I know this photo of tea makes your blood boil.

    But this one will make you feel like everything's right in the world.