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5 Female Cartoons To Shape 20-Something Women

Latch-key gals unite as we bond on the cartoons that shaped us into the confident and fabulous 20-something women of today. Moving past your unsupervised viewings of Lifetime movies, Jenny Jones and Ricky Lake, let's celebrate our favorite PG friendly gal toons. Years later we still channel their fabulosity and if we had ever been blessed with a position on GUTS, we would trade our piece of the Aggro Crag if it meant discovering never seen episodes.

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5. Ms. Frizzle

When most gals were playing with their 'Barbie: Makeup Head' (or wishing on the belly of their Gem Troll they had one), Ms. Frizzle was making Science cool. The woman was fearless as she explored hurricanes, hung with dinosaurs and rolled with bees. Not to mention her vintage dresses coupled with one of a kind prints make her a fashion icon. Still need proof? She had a lizard named Liz and took her class on perpetual field trips. I would have bet my entire pog collection for a teacher like this. Wait, what if Ms. Frizzle and Bill Nye got together and had science babies??? Ah, to dream...

4. Jerrica Benton aka JEM

She was heir to a music company, a moonlighting rock star and the caregiver for 'Starlight House', a foster home for girls. It doesn't get better when your role model is the ultimate cool while still being a good person. I mean she was raised in a foster home and her 'sisters' were Asian-American, Afrian-American and one adorable red head. Jem was an equal opportunity friend who rocked Tawny Kitaen hair sans bitchy attitude.

The woman could fix a faucet, lead a rock band and run a company, simultaneously being truly outrageous...truly, truly, truly outrageous!

3. Judy Funnie

An artist that spent most of her days reciting plays and drumming bongos, Judy was older-sister-cool. Doug may never have 'got' her but oh how I wish I could have been invited to one of her singing cat shows or slam poetry nights. She is undoubtedly the original Brooklyn Babe, with her partially shaved head and non conforming attitudes.

2. Daria Morgendorffer

La, la, la, la, la...cue guitar feedback! The lone survivor from Beavis and Butthead, Daria made cynicism cool and let us know it was okay to hate on the 'Quinns' of the world. She was witty, intelligent and she rolled with the baddest bitch, Jane.

Favorite Daria quote,

"Sometimes your shallowness is so thorough it's almost like depth."

1. Pepper Ann

The video game obsessed and rollerblading queen was so adorably awkward you had to love her. She was from a single parent household and the older sister to Moose, the first prepubescent lesbian on the Saturday morning cartoon lineup. She twerked her frizzy hair without abandonment and was best friend to a hippie and poet. In 30 minute increments, Pepper Ann explored gender inequality, pimples, unsupervised birthday parties and divorced parents.

"There's no one cooler than Pepper Ann. She's her own biggest fan Pepper Ann," should be whispered as a self-mantra by any self doubting person. Which in reality is everybody, so kick back and let yourself enjoy the joy that is Pepper Ann...

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