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15 Things Girls Have To Worry About That Guys Don't

Let's face it, men have no idea.

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1. Mastering the whole public-toilet-seat-hover procedure. / Via

Like a weird, slightly terrifying form of gymnastics.

2. Remembering to keep your legs closed in public. / Via

Maybe we just don't care.

3. Figuring out the safe days for wearing white/light colored pants. / Via

"Hooray! Today's white pants day!"

4. Wearing makeup.

If only it were this easy.

5. Applying and reapplying lipstick.

It's a lot of work.

6. One word: armpits.


This one's a double whammy - shaving and deodorizing them.

7. Giving birth.


It's a miracle, but a horrifying one at that - "The baby comes out of my what now?!"

8. Getting hit on by creepy guys at the gym.


Actually, this might be one that men have to worry about too.

9. Getting your period at the worst possible moment.


Like in the middle of a date or while making a big presentation at work.

10. Learning how to effortlessly walk in high heels.


Guys have no idea how difficult this actually is.

11. Bras.


You try having your balls in a harness all day with metal wires that pop out and stab you and let me know if you want to go to Sizzler for dinner.

12. Remembering to dye your roots.


But at least girls know how to rock it when they forget (...have you not heard of the term ombre?!).

13. Period cramps.


Like a mandatory monthly visit from an incredibly annoying relative.

14. Having the extra money each month to buy tampons/pads.


It adds up to a lot of money that guys get to go use elsewhere.

15. Making sure your legs are shaved.


Unless it's pants season. Boy, do we love pants season.

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