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    10 Brutal Struggles Only Vegans Will Understand

    Being a vegan is great, but sometimes it's a struggle.

    1. Going out to eat at a restaurant whose only vegan option is a garden salad.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    The struggle is real.

    2. Checking the ingredients in EVERYTHING.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    "Contains carmine?! NO!!"

    *carmine is a commonly used food coloring made from insect shells. Ew.

    3. Being the only friend at the pizza party who has to order their own personal pizza without cheese.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    "Mmm. I just love saucy bread."

    4. Dealing with the guilt of accidentally eating meat/eggs/cheese/dairy.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    "I'll never forgive myself!"

    5. Ordering a side of olive oil at a restaurant that serves bread because you can't eat the butter.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    Paula Deen would not approve.

    6. Having to bring your own veggie dogs to the BBQ.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    Hot, squeaky, and delicious!

    7. Calling ahead to make sure that your friends and/or family make reservations at a restaurant where you can actually eat.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    "Sorry, but that steakhouse just isn't gonna cut it."

    8. Debating whether eating honey and/or wearing leather are OK things to do as a vegan.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    "But this leather jacket is sooo cute!"

    9. Having to bring your own vegan cream cheese with you when you go to a bagel shop.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    It's 2015! Get with the program, bagel shops of the world. Not all of us eat dairy!

    10. Defending your decision to be vegan multiple times a day.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    "Just let me eat my lettuce in peace, OK?!"

    But at the end of the day, even if it's sometimes hard, you do it because you care.

    Nicole Daddona / Via

    And that makes it all worth it.

    Nicole Daddona / Via
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