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In honor of tonight's Grammy awards, I got the inside scoop on who will actually be walking away with that proudful shiny record playing sculpture award.... only teasing the top 4 category winners...

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1. For " Record of the Year" ... we give the award to Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You"

in honor of his coming out year... frank deserves an award for that great song and this great look ... wonder if he's looking at who he's been thinking about.

2. " Song Of The Year " goes to Carley Rae Jepson for Call Me Never !

Carley Rae Jepson may be the medium or the very cause between my body and the nearest window. "Call Me Maybe" is probably one of the most catchiest slash annoyingest slash best karaoke songs of the year...

how she manages to intwertwine being adorable and annoying into one hit, deserves an award in itself...


Who deserves the award for best new artist more than a group who reminds us daily how young, wild and free we are! I swear their songs make you want to do bad things with a smile and a middle finger to the world!

Ladies, don't they make you want to close your eyes and be this girl !

4. RiRi For "Best Pop Solo Performance"

Don't recognize her?

You know Rihanna changes her hairstyle once a day!

Pull these slick dreads back and you will see the bad ass that is rihanna... or close enough, bob marley.

Lately she's been morphing into a Marley, so she will definitely win like a Marley!

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