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    • nicolasl5

      Freedom of speech huh? So if students can raise awareness of LGBT students in a school which involves students of all cultures, religions, race, ect. which are tax paying what is the difference to someone silently protesting it whereas an entire student body is protesting too? If the students are protesting in a place that is publicly funded so should other students. You are hypocrite. Allowing some stuents to have freedom of speech while limiting others. You act if this kid murdered someone, totally not the case buddy. He was wearing a shirt which he was demonstrating on day of silence which other students were demonstrating in TAX PAYING ZONE! If I had it my way, neither side should be demonstrating inside or near the school zone.

    • nicolasl5

      In the 1970s inasuburb of Chicago called Sokie,agroup of Nazis were going to demonstrate their cause. Sokie happenedaJewish community for relatives or survivors of the holocaust. There wasabig case about whether the Nazis had the right to demonstrate ataplaced where survivors of one of the greatest tragedies of all time lived. The ACLU actually defended the Nazis. The ACLU actually won the case in the Supreme Court. Reason being because the ACLU are the most staunchest rights group to advocate what the constitution states. You may not like what people demonstrate but they are within their rights to do so. As long as hurtful confrontation does not happen, they have the right to express themselves to the very fullest.Iamasocialist, people may not like whatIam but, butIam whoIam. That goes for everybody and everyone, whether, people are gay, socialist, Nazis, peace-nicks, Pinko commies, Yellow, brown, Green and blue. Everyone has the right to demonstrate. If you are offended by this you can protest just as well as he did. As long as its non-violence we advocate. When violence gets involved on either side itsahate crime.

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