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    19 Signs You Grew Up In NZ In The '80s

    Admit it, in 1987 your favourite songs all came from 1985…

    1. Billy T James was your go-to guy for the nightly news.

    The Best of The Billy T James Collection / / Via

    2. But in times of crisis Angela was there to guide you through.

    Angela D'Audney / / Via

    3. Meat and three veg was your preferred dinner menu, until the Women’s Weekly released THAT cookbook and then your culinary world changed forever. Hello chilli con carne!

    4. Lasagne, you say?

    5. What is this taco goodness?

    Ahoy Vapid Wannabe Tumblr / / Via

    6. There’s spaghetti bolognese too? Fun with mince!

    Joegough / Getty Images

    7. You thought everyone’s dad looked like either Wal or Cooch.

    Murray Ball, "Footrot Flats - The Dog's Tale", 1986 / / Via

    8. They didn't. Bring on the suits. / Via

    After winning the 1984 snap election, the Labour government (David, Roger and co.) introduced "Rogernomics". What's not to love about a major social and economic reform policy that changed the fabric of the nation?

    9. Your parents were in share clubs, and went on share club trips and had share club parties. It was the '80s! All hail the share market.

    Tom Kelley Archive | Getty Images

    10. And then the share club fire sale began. Farm, anyone? Going cheap...

    AFP / Stringer / Getty & John Abel | Flickr / Via Flickr: nz_jsa

    11. You thought it was pretty standard to touch up your roots by dunking your head in a bucket of bleach.

    12. And you thought a pair of homemade purple bike pants was the height of fashion.

    Reddit | Gliphy / Via

    13. You owned the Adidas stirrup stretch pant look long before the football fan boys. Step off fellas, this is ours.

    Adidas Arsenal | Instagram / Via

    14. You had questions and concerns about when it was appropriate to wear jodhpurs. Where’s your horse, David?

    Jim Henson / Lucasfilm / / Via

    15. In 1987, your favourite songs all came from 1985.

    Bruce Springsteen / Columbia / Via

    16. So it was a shock to learn the Live Aid donation lines were no longer active. We cared too Bono!

    Neil Leifer / Sports Illustrated / Getty Images

    17. But you weren’t always slow to history-making events. As a young'n you and your dad gave up watching rugby for an entire season.

    New Zealand Herald / Associated Press

    In 1981, demonstrators stormed the pitch during a Springbok-Waikato rugby match to protest the tour of South Africa's Springbok rugby union team. #FightApartheid

    18. You grew up with heroes like Kate Sheppard.

    New Zealand Post / / Via

    Girl power long before the Spice Girls' management got wind of the concept.

    19. And of course your backyard looked like this.

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