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Post-Apocalyptic Makeup Tutorial Is HILARIOUS And TERRIFYING

Barely Legal Comedy, a dynamic duo composed of Olivia DeLaurentis and Sydney Heller, created a sketch that not only will make you laugh until you cry, but also serves as a warning for what our world could look like under President Trump. The video was originally released as a part of Second City's After Dark with Julian Clark, which is a live show with some digital sketches as well. In it, Olivia and Sydney gracefully share beauty tips using only items they found in the apocalypse. This is contrasted with clips of the girls begging for help from anyone who still may be alive under Trump's rule. It is written, acted, and edited perfectly. It covers every base we've seen in typical Youtube makeup tutorials, but adds a terrifying layer of what could be. These girls are clearly going to be HUGE in the near future. Hopefully that near future is one without a President Trump.

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