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Women Found Freedom Going Braless For An Entire Week

"I can feel the boob sweat already..."

It's pretty common for most women to wear bras every single day of their lives. So we got a few women to try going braless for a week and they found new freedom.

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Hillary kicked off the week demonstrating how her tatas move around WITH A BRA.

And Quinta always picked clothes where she didn't have to wear a bra.

Now it was time to take the bras off and live free!

But Jordan had a bit of a struggle taking hers off.

Things got a little milky for new mother Ochi. She went to go pump and an accident occurred.

It seemed like the women really noticed issues when it came to working out. Like Hillary, after spin class:

But Jordan was like, fuck this shit, I'm wearing a bra during CrossFit, because she didn't want to flash the entire gym.

During the braless week, Quinta felt more at ease in front of men.

While Hillary said people noticed she was not wearing a bra.

In the end, Quinta's opinion about bras did NOT change one bit.

And Jordan wasn't as self-conscious as she thought she was going to be.

And no matter what, Quinta ended with this ~amazing~ point.