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Girlfriends Waxed Their Boyfriends And Things Got Out Of Hand

"The couple that waxes each other, stays together."

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Have you ever noticed a kinda nasty patch of hair on your partner that you secretly wished you could get rid of? Well, these ladies sure did. So, we decided to make their evil dreams come true and let them wax their partners.

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Arielle was ready to get ride of some of Ned's excess pit hair.

Kaitlyn wanted to get rid of a weird lil' tuff of hair Zack had on his lower back.

And Mallory really went for it and decided to wax Kevin's "bush."

It's time to wax-on, wax-off! Were the dudes ready?

This is...

...The face...

...Of instant regret.

Ned and Arielle were giving each other smooches between the pain.

"The couple that waxes together, stays together."

Zack wasn't having much fun...

...But Kaitlyn sure was enjoying herself.

And Mallory and Kevin turned the little wax sesh into some aggression therapy.

Final thoughts? Well, it was definitely a painful experience. But it seemed to bring everyone a little bit closer together.

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