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How Oprah On Watch What Happens Live Made My Life

Because when the Talk Show Queen meets the Queen of Bravo it's television GOLD

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No one thought the best WWHL episode, the CHER-mageddon, could ever be topped. You remember that episode brought us many laughs and epic moments such as THIS

That was until Andy Cohen, the Queen of Bravo, announced he would be sitting down with the Queen of Talk, the one and only Oprah Winfrey!!!!!!

The episode, aptly titled the OPRAHCALYPSE, was pretty much the best thing EVER because I am now dead because of all the amazing things that happened on it.

First, Oprah was really excited to be there and talk with Andy.

We got to see a different side of Oprah than we usually do, because like all good WWHL episodes, there was drinking involved

Oprah even tried Andy's favorite "Fresc-quilas"

Once the alcohol started to flow, Oprah was done with the "nonsense"

As always, O discussed some of the challenges of being a bigger woman. That's when THIS magical moment happened.

One of everyone's favorite moments of CHER-mageddon was when Cher slapped Andy

Not to be outdone, Oprah also slapped Andy

and followed it up by saying this line from her upcoming film The Butler:

We also learned that Oprah doesn't use perfume, and got to hear that her natural scent smells like (besides money)

Oprah also took a selfie with Andy on Instagram

Basically it was the greatest night of late night television EVER.

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