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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Uses Submission Move On Home Intruder

Say wrestling is fake once more, I dare you!

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This past Monday night WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, along with this wife, WWE Diva Brie Bella were arriving at their Phoenix, Arizona house when they noticed something odd.

Upon arriving Bryan and Bella noticed their front door opening followed by two men exiting the house. Once the men saw the owners of the house, the dropped what they were holding and made off on foot, prompting Daniel Bryan to chase after them.

Bryan was able to catch up to one of them and take him down.

He then proceeded to apply a rear-naked choke submission to the burglar.

Although many wrestling fans wished he applied the Cattle Mutilation.

The burglar who Bryan managed to take down turned out to be 22-year-old Cesar Sosa, who already was wanted for kidnapping, good on you Bryan!


Upon returning to his house, it was revealed that the men attempted to steal a bracelet which belonged to Daniel Bryan's father who recently passed away.


Here is the full interview with Bryan, Bella, and their dog following the incident.

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