What Australia Was Like When New South Wales Last Won Origin

2005 was a much simpler time.

New South Wales have finally won the State of Origin! Defeating Queensland in game two to take the series.

This brings to a close the 8 year streak that Queensland has held. So how was the world in 2005, when NSW last won Origin?

1. Well for starters Justin Bieber was 12.

2. These are the phones that ruled the world as iPhones didn’t come out for another 2 years.

3. Batman became relevant again.

4. This man was our Prime Minister.

5. The world was a happier place without this family being on TV.

Kim hadn’t made her tape yet.

6. “How I Met Your Mother” was in its first season.

It ran for 9.

7. Music was actually played on MTV.

8. And this song was #1 for almost a quarter of the year.

9. You communicated though this.

10. And this guy was your mate.

11. This NRL team didn’t even exist yet!

12. Back then “The Footy Show” was actually funny.


13. We still had this legend.


14. But not all things are different, our internet is still the same speed.

15. There were 2 more apostles along the Great Ocean Road.

They keep on falling :(

16. Our countries tourism industry was ruined with the release of this movie.

17. The Socceroos had just made it in to the Soccer World Cup for the first time!

18. Pluto was still a planet.

19. We were still playing with this piece of ancient garbage.

20. And back in 2005 your parents were still happily married.

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