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The 32 Worst Things About Living On College In Australia

Living out of home with hundreds of university students is a non-stop party right?

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2. Owning a car/becoming a taxi.

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At first you feel like you're the king of college. Then after a week you're on an empty tank and suddenly alone.

11. The same conversations you hear between the Australians and exchange students every O-Week. / Via

"Say Tuesday!" "Say Aluminium!" "Have you tried Vegemite?" "Ever heard of Drop Bears?!" In your first semester it's fun, but after that it gets tiring.

12. That party kid who somehow gets perfect grades. / Via

They're at every social event. You've never seen them study or sober for that matter and somehow they're passing every class with flying colours, they even got a higher grade than you when you stayed in and actually studied.

13. Having to put up with unfair stereotypes. / Via

Australian University students living just on goon and Mi Goreng is a worse stereotype than Australians only drink Fosters. Most uni students are on youth allowance, so it's cheap vodka and end of day meals that are on sale at the food court at best.

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