The 32 Worst Things About Living On College In Australia

Living out of home with hundreds of university students is a non-stop party right?

1. 1. The fresh intake of students every semester.

So. Many. Names. To. Remember.

2. 2. Owning a car/becoming a taxi.

At first you feel like you’re the king of college. Then after a week you’re on an empty tank and suddenly alone.

3. 3. Every morning during your first O-Week.

“I remember my first beer” - Every older student looking down at you.

4. 4. Every morning in every O-Week.

Maybe I’ll grow used to hangovers…

5. 5. Every morning during your entire college life.

My parents must be so proud!

6. 6. Having a tiny taste of the real world as it slaps you in the face.


7. 7. Making your own food.

Unless you live on catered. If so, enjoy that horse meat!

8. 8. When you get a roommate who resembles Patrick Bateman.

9. 9. Non-college friends asking you to print off and hand in every assignment for them.

10. 10. Opening up the fridge in September to food that’s been in there since O-Week.

Dat milk.

11. 11. The same conversations you hear between the Australians and exchange students every O-Week.

“Say Tuesday!” “Say Aluminium!” “Have you tried Vegemite?” “Ever heard of Drop Bears?!” In your first semester it’s fun, but after that it gets tiring.

12. 12. That party kid who somehow gets perfect grades.

They’re at every social event. You’ve never seen them study or sober for that matter and somehow they’re passing every class with flying colours, they even got a higher grade than you when you stayed in and actually studied.

13. 13. Having to put up with unfair stereotypes.

Australian University students living just on goon and Mi Goreng is a worse stereotype than Australians only drink Fosters. Most uni students are on youth allowance, so it’s cheap vodka and end of day meals that are on sale at the food court at best.

14. 14. When your parents visit.

Having to clean and hide anything which they might frown upon in your room, keeping them away from your friends, the list goes on.

15. 15. The internet you’re provided with.

It just took me 3 hours to download ‘Game of Thrones’ YAYYYY!

16. 16. When your friend from home visits.

Turns out you’re not the person you used to be, and they’re telling your college friends stories about the real you.

17. 17. The sounds of sex from other rooms.

I’m so single….and the net is extremely slow here….oh well.

18. 18. Trying to get to bed early when you have an exam the next morning and there’s a nearby party.

“Yes we get it American exchange students, you like Mac Miller! Now can I please go to sleep!?”

19. 19. When freshers come up to you in O-Week.

“Schoolies was crazy!!!”

20. 20. But hey! They’re better than the mature aged students who decided to live on college.

Why? Really, just why?

21. 21. When you see people you’ve hooked up with.

Remember that extremely awkward hook up? Well, you’re going to run into that person at least 5 times a day.

22. 22. Seriously. You’ll see them multiple times a day.

23. 23. Just one more GIF image describing this situation for good measure.

It’s going to happen, and it’s going to be awkward.

24. 24. Liking someone on college.

They’re living on college to not be in a relationship, I guarantee it.

25. 25. Becoming tunnel buddies with someone you dislike.

26. 26. Having to act interested in the Red Frogs people as you take their free food.

Dick move to ignore them as they’re giving you free food, but be honest, we all do it.

27. 27. R.A’s.

We know it’s their job and everything but come on!

28. 28. Having non-college friends make fun of you and your college friends who go to the same bar every week.

Hump Days <3

29. 29. That one kid who’s there every day and doesn’t even live on college, or go to University for that matter.

30. 30. Then all of a sudden you graduate out of nowhere and you’re dragged away.

31. 31. And you must now transition into the real world and work.

You had to get up at 9am for class twice a week? How about 6am everyday for the rest of your life!!

32. 32. You’re then constantly reminded of college life from friends facebooks who are still there.

They all went out last night without you…..they’ve replaced you too.

33. Because no matter how many things about living on college got on your nerves, it will always be the best years of your life.

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