45 Things You Need To Know About Dubbo

This small town in the Australian outback has a lot going for it. But it’s more than just a pretty name.

1. Dubbo is located in Central-West New South Wales

2. So it’s far away from Sydney, or any city! How far from Sydney exactly? Around 4.5 hours.

3. Which means it’s not a part of Western Sydney, despite popular belief.

4. Dubbo is a part of Wiradjuri country, which is one of the largest in Australia.

5. Habitation by Indigenous Australians dates back approximately 40,000 years.

6. It is the Wiradjuri people who named Dubbo, which means “red earth.”

7. When driving into Dubbo you can see the road out of Dubbo!

And vise-versa! WOW!

8. Dubbo has a population of 32,327 people.

Which makes Sydney’s population 143 times larger.

9. You can fit the entire population of Dubbo in the MCG over THREE times!

10. Dubbo is home to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Which is one of the largest open range zoos in the Southern Hemisphere.

11. You can even feed the Lions!

So much better than your zoo, Sydney!

12. You can also stay overnight at the zoo! You’re literally meters from the animals!

Checkmate Sydney!

13. And yes there’s Quokkas too.

I guess Sydney’s zoo has them also, so we’ll give them that…



15. Majority of the time Dubbo is battling through harsh droughts.

Or as I like to call it, High School. WHAAA???????

16. But when it does rain, it pours.

Dubbo has flooded on multiple occasions.

17. Dubbo has 4 Subway Restaurants, three of which are all within half a kilometre from eachother.

Via Google

To this day scientists are baffled as to why this is.

18. Weatherman Tim Bailey is our ambassador!

Tomorrows forecast for Sydney, cloudy with a high chance of jealousy.

19. Which brings us to our next point: “I LOVE DUBBO” T-Shirts!

Sorry New York. You can sit down next to Sydney as cities which have been made Dubbo’s BITCH!

20. The t-shirts are taking over the world!

*Not photoshopped. Photoshop hasn’t made it to Dubbo yet.

21. We’re the official home of Australia’s BEST meat pie. Winning the competition in 2003, 2005, and 2007.

In the years we didn’t win we were too busy at the Zoo petting the Quokkas and hanging out with Tim Bailey.

22. This fact is even on the sign coming into town.

23. We have a Gaol in our main street!

Chill, It shut down in 1966. It’s a tourist attraction now….we think.

24. 8 men were hanged at the Gaol when it was open between 1859 and 1966.

(I used to get my haircuts at the hairdressers in that white building behind the Gaol)

25. Our tallest building is 6 stories high! WOW!

It is rumoured that you can see all 4 Subway Restaurants in Dubbo from the top it’s that high!

26. Roads in and out of Dubbo are haunted by the Pilgra Princess.

The ghost of a lady who haunts travellers who drive along the Newell Highway.

27. Dubbo has one of the best skate parks in the country!

Which also includes the first ever full-pipe on Aussie shores!

28. The only cinema in town just closed down.

Which sucks because they just started to accept eftpos :(

29. Speaking of movies, many have been filmed here, like Prime Mover.

30. And Forbidden Ground.

A film about the ongoing war between St Johns and Senior Campus.

31. It’s illegal to fart in Dubbo.

Take note other cities, farting is gross!

32. From Sydney it’s cheaper to fly to Asia than it is to Dubbo.

33. Dubbo has the largest abattoir in the country! Up to 90,000 sheep can go through it a day!

34. The town hosted Triple J’s One Night Stand in 2013.

The concert saw Flume, The Rubens, Seth Sentry, Ball Park Music, and local act Peoples Palace perform in front of 10,000+ people, who had no idea what Dubbo was before this event.

35. But that’s nothing, because in 2012 Bow Wow performed in front of an 80+ strong crowd in Dubbo.

This actually happened.

36. And we’re 75% sure that in 2013 Beyonce may have flown over Dubbo whilst on her Australian tour.

37. Speaking of music, Dubbo is the REAL home of Aussie Hip-Hop!

38. And also home to Thirsty Merc!

39. And The Reels.

Your parents know who they are, trust me!

40. And Academy Award Winner Lizzy Gardener.

She won ‘Best Costume Design’ in 1995 for her work on the cult Aussie film, Pricilla: Queen of The Desert. She even wore this on the red carpet! A dress made up out of gold American Express cards!

41. Not to mention, UFC sensation Kyle Noke grew up here!

42. And Home and Away’s Steve Peacocke.

You know we belong together.

43. Steve Peacocke also gave Dubbo a shout out during his Logies acceptance speech.

Adam Hills who was presenting said he’d never heard of the actor. This was Peacocke’s response.

44. Oh and Glenn McGrath!

Technically he is from a smaller town called Narromine down the road, but we claim him.

45. So come and visit Dubbo and be greeted with open arms by our mascot Dubby.

No seriously, you don’t want to make Dubby angry.

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