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45 Things You Need To Know About Dubbo

This small town in the Australian outback has a lot going for it. But it's more than just a pretty name.

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27. Dubbo has one of the best skate parks in the country!

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Which also includes the first ever full-pipe on Aussie shores!

29. Speaking of movies, many have been filmed here, like Prime Mover.

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30. And Forbidden Ground.

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A film about the ongoing war between St Johns and Senior Campus.

31. It's illegal to fart in Dubbo.

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Take note other cities, farting is gross!

34. The town hosted Triple J's One Night Stand in 2013.

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The concert saw Flume, The Rubens, Seth Sentry, Ball Park Music, and local act Peoples Palace perform in front of 10,000+ people, who had no idea what Dubbo was before this event.

37. Speaking of music, Dubbo is the REAL home of Aussie Hip-Hop!

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39. And The Reels.

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Your parents know who they are, trust me!

40. And Academy Award Winner Lizzy Gardener.

She won 'Best Costume Design' in 1995 for her work on the cult Aussie film, Pricilla: Queen of The Desert. She even wore this on the red carpet! A dress made up out of gold American Express cards!

41. Not to mention, UFC sensation Kyle Noke grew up here!

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43. Steve Peacocke also gave Dubbo a shout out during his Logies acceptance speech.

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Adam Hills who was presenting said he'd never heard of the actor. This was Peacocke's response.

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