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    28 People Who Just Found Out Iggy Azalea Is White

    "First things first I'm the realest." And white, apparently.

    1. TWIST!

    wtf iggy azalea is white? i did not expect that haha

    2. Mr. World Wide makes a point. Our world is crazy.

    Wow, I just realized Iggy Azalea is WHITE! lmao this is a crazy world we live in

    3. What a bombshell. (See what I did there?)

    4. Wait what? Hanson are boys?!

    Iggy Azalea is WHITE!? I haven't been this shocked since I found out that Hanson are BOYS!

    5. I think most people do, Maya.

    does iggy azalea forget that she's white

    6. Yes, The Iggy Azalea is white.

    7. #PrayForMorgansDad

    My dad is having a hard time believing Iggy Azalea is white

    8. But...Eminem???

    9. Iggy gives white women hope.

    So Iggy Azalea is about as white as me, and that makes me feel better about life.

    10. It is up there with the greatest mysteries of our time, between who shot JFK, and why did my girlfriend in high school dump me via a MySpace message.

    my mom just found out iggy azalea is white and asked me "why" i wish i knew the answer mom

    11. Wait, Iggy is blonde?! Stay tuned for my next article "43 people who did not know Iggy Azalea is blonde."

    My mom can't get over the fact that @IGGYAZALEA is blond and white

    12. Give your friend a pat on the head, and tell her everything is going to be ok.

    my friend was just like "oh my gosh I did not know iggy azalea is white"

    13. Move over Inception, there's a new #mindfuck in town.

    14. It took me until 5 hours after the BET awards to process it.

    Still surprised Iggy Azalea is white.

    15. Sorry to bust your bubble April, but Australia is not all Kangaroo's and fortnightly Men at Work reunion concerts. We're also home to football players who urinate into their own mouths, and a town called Dubbo.

    Iggy Azalea is Australian? How come she's rapping like she's from the ghetto or something? Why is she white?

    16. But there were people who were not only shocked she is white, but shocked that she is Australian.

    Iggy azalea is a white, female, Australian rapper.... What? How is that possible?

    17. Which caused some confusion.

    Also FYI Iggy is not white she's Australian so you all know

    18. And more confusion.

    Iggy IS NOT WHITE. She's Australian, damn lol.

    19. Jeff's world has been rocked!

    Most shocking discovery of today: Finding out Iggy Azalea is actually a white Australian woman.

    20. I'm feeling a bit pale. Might go get a spray on "Australian."

    “@IndiaAlmighty: Is Iggy Azalea albino or white?” Australian.

    21. So. Much. Confusion.

    22. Then clarification, but still utter shock!

    Iggy is from Australia I mean she's still "white" but not American "white"

    23. Dakota hit the nail on the head.

    "Do you know she is white?" - Everyone talking about Iggy Azalea

    24. Don't worry. So does majority of Twitter by the looks of it.

    I regularly forget that iggy azalea is white

    25. Move over Cher!

    Iggy Azalea is one of my favourite white women now.

    26. Go with your heart on this one.

    I don't know if Iggy Azalea is black or white. Her voice is black but her skin is white.

    27. Some people just weren't happy with the realisation.

    shut up iggy azalea youre a white bitch with a big ass and as much talent as my ingrown toenail, eat shit

    28. But in the end, this meme sums up everyones reactions nicely.

    Wait what... Iggy Azalea is white? And from Australia?