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18 Shirts Every Guy Should Buy If You Want To Be Single Forever

Note: Does not include MMA shirts. That would be too easy.

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1. Any guy that wears this shirt is definitely someone you want to avoid.

2. Look out, we have a bad-ass over here!


3. I don't even know anymore.

4. Big ups to the shirt model, he is really playing the part of being a douche well.

5. Seriously?

6. Ever heard of Caitlin Stasey? Wear this shirt in front of her, I dare you.

R.I.P anyone who wears this shirt in front of Caitlin Stasey.

R.I.P anyone who wears this shirt in front of Caitlin Stasey.

7. You also disappoint your parents buddy.

8. Oh god, why?!

9. What is wrong with people?!

10. Is your problem being in a relationship?

11. NO!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!

12. Ever had a hot iron thrown at you? It's not pleasant.

13. You can buy this shirt right now on Amazon and receive it just in time to be a massive douche for Christmas.

14. They invented the dishwasher, and no that's not a sexist joke. It was invented to clean up after your lazy ass.

15. You + this shirt = dying alone.

16. This shirt is a must for any boy in Junior High who has just hit puberty.

17. Oh god, I used to own this shirt when I was 14. I'm so sorry everyone, I really am.

18. Douchie shirt, but the model is rocking it! That confidence!

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