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12 Australian Food Challenges That Will Take Your Stomach To The Limit

These meals take the term "bulking" to a whole new level.

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1. "The One Kilo Burrito Challenge" at Mad Mex

Finish this challenge at Mad Mex, located all over Australia and you receive a free wrestling mask! They only offer this one month a year though, so next year when I comes around get on it, and win as many masks as you can! I have 4.

2. "The Flaming Ron" from Bremen Patisserie

It's been dubbed the "worlds hottest meat pie." Finish it within ten minutes and you get it for free! But it's not that easy, look at our boy Karl Stefanovic attempt the challenge. Bremen Patisserie is located at Umina Beach, New South Wales.

3. "The Shank Challenge" at the SSS Barbecue Barn

Super Sized Meals

Eat an entree, a 2.4 kilo Beef Shank and dessert in one sitting. In return you get a shirt and your name on the wall. BAM! If you think you can handle this and you're near either Brisbane, Tamworth, or Cessnock then do your tastebuds a favor and destroy that shank!

7. Bayside Kebabs’ "Half-Metre Kebab Challenge"


How amazing would this be after a big night out?! Like most food challanges finish this and you get it for free! If you're in Brisbane just hop on the train to Bayside Burgers and Kebabs at Clontarf.

8. My Pho Bar "Superbowl Challenge"


Located in Jindalee, Queensland, My Pho Bar offers 3.5 litres of soup containing meat and noodles. Knock it over within an hour and you get your money back, your name on the wall, and an IPAD! Say whaaa?

9. Shawcross Pizza's "22-inch Pizza Challenge"


This massive pizza on offer at Shawcross Pizza in Fitzroy is as big as four regular sized pizzas! Destroy it in a single sitting and you get a shirt, but get the fastest time of the month and you get your money back PLUS a slab of beer. STRAYA!

11. "Mega Parma Challenge" at The Laurel Hotel


Parma lovers unite! To complete this challenge one must conquer the 1.5 kilo parma, chips and a pint of beer. Complete this and your time will be added to the wall, the top times qualify for the grand final to win free parma’s for a year! (One per week)

12. "The Meat Your Match Challenge" at Ribs and Rumps

To complete this challenge at Ribs and Rumps you must endure a full rack of ribs, one kilo of steak, and two servings of fries. Protein for days! Ribs and Rumps is located all over Australia, so you have no excuse to not attempt this!

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