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    • nickv15

      I’ve been going on about it for years: men can also be victims of (any) abuse.
      It disheartens me that today it’s still such a taboo for men to be victims of abuse.
      Even worse is that in a lot of cases male perpetrators get burned down, but female ones get cheered on, that’s terrible.
      Emotions aren’t a female thing, when will people finally get over that bullsh*t?
      Emotions are a living being thing, it occurs in all sexes of all living creatures that exist, in one or another way. I was raped myself by someone who was actually 1 year younger than myself (he was 15-16 iirc, I was 17), he apparently put liquid XTC in my drink, I didn’t even figure this out until half a year ago, I’m 24 now.
      When I asked him next day why he did it, he said “I can’t help that you’re so beautiful”, I remember feeling so much anger when he said that, I wanted to punch his face, but I withdrew myself and left, hadn’t seen him ever since.
      I tried to deny to myself it happened until I was 19 and I thought I was doing so successfully, but anytime people talked about abuse or rape, I’d break down and burst into tears, at one point at 19 I finally had the couragement to tell me best friend.
      She told me to immediately get an STD test, so next day she took me to the doctor, the 2 days wait for the results must have been the most nerve wrecking days of my life, fortunately I was completely negative, I remember bursting into tears from joy on the phone as the doctor said so.
      I also recently discovered he has HIV now. I know you always try to find ways to justify it or to find the blame at yourself “What if I …”, no, please know this is NEVER yourself to blame and there is no way to justify such action. I hope for all these people to find peace and joy in their lives, they have no reason to not deserve to do so. And people, please never tell a person with a traumatic breakdown to “get over themselves”, they’re stronger than ourselves, I sometimes even wonder why I’m suddenly feeling incredibly emotional and why I can’t hold my tears in the middle of those moments, because I don’t always understand why I suddenly feel that way, but it usually seems to be 1 tiny trigger or word in lots of things that happen and get said at the moment.

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