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10 Amazing Celebrity Alzheimer's Caregivers

These celebrities have been inspirational for people across the world affected by Alzheimer's. Organizations like the Alzheimer's Association have been inspirational in the effort to help people around the United States.

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1. Seth Rogen

Seth's mother-in-law has early onset Alzheimer's. The entire family is actively involved in her care. His father-in-law retired at age 62 to become a primary caregiver and Seth and his wife Lauren provide supplemental care.

3. Hilary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been a long time champion of caregiver support. In a post honoring first lady caregivers on the Alzheimer's Association website we learn, "her mother’s illness, a topic that was kept private from the invasive world of 24/7 news media, made Clinton one of those caregivers she had championed so often in Congress."

4. Maria Shriver

Maria has done a lot of work advocating for caregivers and people with Alzheimer's. Just by admitting that she has struggled and felt overwhelmed has helped others feel more comfortable about sharing their own caregiver stories.

5. Nancy Reagan

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has exuded so much grace as a public persona of caregivers. She perfectly explained the unique isolation caregivers and their families can feel, "We have learned, as too many other families have learned, of the terrible pain and loneliness that must be endured as each day brings another reminder of this very long goodbye."

6. Kimberly Williams Paisley

Less than a decade ago, Kimberly Williams-Paisley had to deal with the shocking news that her mother, Linda, had been diagnosed with a form of dementia that has no cure or treatment.

7. Victor Garber

Both of Victor's parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He acknowledges that, “Living at home with an Alzheimer’s patient, it’s beyond stressful and it takes its toll on everyone.” He suggests caregivers "reach out and talk to people about it and hear other people’s stories because it’s a very scary and unpredictable disease."

8. Peter Gallagher

Peter watched his mother decline through the stages of Alzheimer's for 20 years. After she passed away he became a member of the National Advisory Council of the Alzheimer’s Association and participates in charity walks every year.

10. Leeza Gibbons

Leeza lost her grandmother and mother to Alzheimer's. One of the things I have always been so appreciative of is how open Leeza has been about her own struggles with caregiving. "None of us has a team when this happens. We don't know what we don't know. We fumble around in our pain for so long. Once you're drowning in that sea of overwhelm it's almost impossible to catch your breath and see possibilities. But there are resources."

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