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10 Reasons You Should Have Watched "Joey," The "Friends" Spin-Off

The show was cancelled after less than two years. And it's all your fault.

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After "Friends" ended its 10-year run in 2004, NBC premiered "Joey," a spin-off that followed Matt LeBlanc's character as he started a new life in Hollywood with his hard-edged sister, her genius son, and the girl next door.

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The show was cancelled due to low ratings two years later. The last 8 episodes were never aired in America. And it's all your fault.

Here's what you missed when you weren't watching Joey.

3. ...and future-husband-of-Melissa-McCarthy Ben Falcone even more.

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Playing Joey's obsessive, psychotic superfan neighbor in 17 episodes, he was one of the biggest highlights and most underrated parts of the series.

9. We saw Joey go to school.

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Well, sort of...

10. Joey reminded us of his Friends.

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