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5 Weird Faces Guitarists Make

We all know them, we've all seen them, and almost all of us make them. Playing guitar is not the most pleasant looking activity, mainly due to the faces it can cause us to make. This listicle shows 5 weird guitar playing faces

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1. The Here Goes Nothing - as shown by Brian May

This is the face you make when you're halfway through a solo and you feel your fingers approaching a note that might sound like complete crap, so you hope that it sounds okay. Also the face you make when you hit a bum note and try to bend it up to a good one.

2. The Self-Amazement - as shown by B.B. King

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This is the face you make when you do something completely unintentional that sounds awesome. You look down at your guitar as if to say, "holy crap, I didn't know you could do that". The fact that you managed to screw up and still sound good creates feelings of astonishment and elation which are impossible to mask.

3. The Joe Walsh

If there is one guitarist who is the king of odd faces, it is Joe Walsh. Most guitarists don't make faces like him, but a list about guitar faces would be incomplete without Joe Walsh. No one knows why he makes these faces, and its likely that no one ever will.

4. The Ponderous One - as shown by David Gilmour

This face is made by many guitarists as they attempt to remember how the rest of the song goes. They try to continue to play, improvising if need be, leading to more brain power going to finding the right notes. This causes temporary paralysis in the facial muscles as the brain sorts itself out and can devote power to other things again.

5. "Oh God!" - as shown on Jimmy Page

Usually the result of a rock guitarist making the mistake of paying attention to the audience. Incited either by the sight of a very attractive woman or an all-out brawl breaking out. The sudden acknowledgement of the audience results in a complete shift in attention away from guitar playing.

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